Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My orkut profile: about me

I think this was some great piece of art i created.....reason being not many could understand it......thr were just 2 group of ppls:- those who liked it a lot and others those who said what the heck..cant u write something sensible.......(typical for any good piece of art) ;-)
so i thot why not preserve this masterpiece :D

let me start with a true story:
"actually when i came across this column i was not sure as to what to write so i just forwarded my query to GOD.
GOD told me he was fed up of this sort of queries since the time orkut has come into existence, so he had made a java program to do all this(that way he could save the manual work that had to be done), so to my query, he just executed the program and mailed back to me this response::::
Exceptions thrown:

Positive Qualities Overflow
Negative Qualities Underflow
Friends ArrayIndexOutOfBound

difficult to describe but ok lets give it a try.

neo(Keanu Reeves) of Matrix, Shahrukh Khan of DDLJ(िदलवाले दुलह्िनया ले जाएन्गे), Hrithik of KNPH, Aamir of DCH, Tom Hanks of CMYC(catch me if you can), De caprio of titanic, vin diesel of XXX, ................the list doesn't seem to be ending.

NOTE: This is not something i have written, this is just the response i got in the mail.


in short, a highly optimistic person who believes in living life to the fullest ( हर पल यहां जी भर िजयो, जो हे समा ...... कल हो ना हो).

very focussed and believes in the simple fact that nothing is impossible.

the simple formula

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Pavan Daxini said...

you took the right decision to post it here as this was really some thing preservable...... keep writing such stuff !


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