Sunday, April 29, 2007

All's gud that ends gud!!!

all's gud that ends gud!!!

After such an agonizing wait, finally the time has come when the anxiety of the students is bound to peak(thats exactly what they waited for so long(in fact tooo long)). So finally the wait is over and IIM results out.
IIMC like previous years is again the first one to come up with the results this year and IIMA again like previous years the last one to come up. Anyways what matters is that the result is out, wait ends and the nerves relaxed.

It would not be right if I do not mention the kind of pressure I felt today. Probably the only time, I have been so anxious for my results. I remember, I had even have a look at results of CAT for more than a day after it came out. Reason: was not so anxious and had a feeling, if it is (+ve) , it is, if not doesn't matter. had not even calculated expected scores from keys provided by coachings earlier. Reason was sure about inaccuracies in the keys provided and had a feeling it would end up fine.
Even this time, I was consoling others when they were feeling low till last few days and then, suddenly found myself caught in the grip as well. I don't know what is it that i feared but somehow i had a fear, a fear of losing out an golden opportunity; a fear that i may be back among people i am about to leave. what would it look like if i don't make it to IIMs? what would i answer to the questions various people will put up? comments like "arey aisa kaise ho sakta hai" and "koi baat nahin chalo agle saal ho jayega" would have worsen the matter rather than being consoling comments. and after having lost to all the non-IIMs, i don't see a reason why i should not be worried. (See what anxiety can do to you: a hardcore optimist converted to pessimist) I know these people don't actually matter to me but what matters tome is my self-respect. i would lose all my self respect if i fail somehow.
With this kind of a mental state I sat in front of my desktop looking into the screen with 6 tabs open and a continuous refresh on all of them. as soon as a site goes down the heart beat goes up. Had a preoccupied mind that i would go in the order KILBCA when i check results and obviously the reasons is simply, better chances in the lower ranked IIMs and a selection there would ease down the nerves(wont deny the role of superstition here). Fortunately and luckily, found a person with whom i could chat and divert my mind but again on such a moment you don't have any other topic to talk about... others are more interested in knowing your final result than anything else...everyone has right to expect..isn't it?.. anyhow we started on the same lines but in some time could move on to general philosophical lines. his approaches in life, my approaches in life.(surprisingly with the number of similarities between us, it seemed like talking to self in a mirror)
But again that was momentary . All that ease vanished in some time. I did not feel like doing any work. This fear.. this anxiety was killing me.


IIMC results out!!!
Should I check it or should I wait on for KILB before checking C??? C is my best bet...what if my name doesn't appear there. Somehow God provided me some courage and I decided...."jo hoga dekha jayega..lets see whats in"... and YES.. YES.. YES.. I DID IT .. I MADE IT TO CAL.. WOW ..THAT'S GR8.. I CANT BELIEVE IT .. THANK GOD YOU DID IT FOR ME I AM REALLY THANKFUL TO YOU.. I AM THANKFUL TO ALL THOSE WHO HAD PUT IN EFFORTS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.... FINALLY I AM HEADING TO ONE OF ELITEst OF THE B SCHOOLS.. IT IS A DREAM COME TRUE....WOW I CANT EVEN EXPRESS HOW I FEEL LIKE....and so on :)

Even forgot that there are still some more results to come...come on lets celebrate this moment...dragged my team to ice cream khana hai order kar do.....come on this is not the party but just a gesture of my happiness..actual party to come later..
now i didn't care whether i make it to IIMA or not...i have got C and that is the best thing that can happen to me....

AND finally AbhiTaneja to head to JOKA.....IIM CALCUTTA ROCKS...and now it ll rock some more with :) in

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time for another RDB

Seen RDB???
So don't u think it is time for another RDB, now with some ministers working for the benefit of the students!!! (like the patriot minister in the movie)
Mr. Arjun Singh claims to be very concerned with the IIM aspirants and is making statements like "we are working for the good of students so they can wait" without realizing that the wait is just getting more and more and the kind of impact, the anxiety might be having on the aspiring candidates. Being amongst the victim students, i thought it would be appropriate to speak my heart out.

With the negotiations failing till now, i don't understand how long does Mr. AS expects IIMs to hold on.

fellow aspirants here i take the opportunity to call for an RDB act....let the generation of these oldies awaken!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insult of Parliament or Insult of Judiciary??? or Insult of Constitution!!!

We all know of the comments passed by our Hon'ble(or horrible wtever) HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh, when IIMs fixed the date of 21st April for declaring results. Our hon'ble(..) minister said the declaration is not in good spirit and is a disrespect of the Parliament. He slammed IIMs for being so outspoken... sent a notice to Mr. Bakul Dholakia. and also sent a directive to IIMs to hold on the results till next directive from MHRD.

These, our chosen ones, claim that the IIM directors have made statements which shows disrespect to the parliament ... hmmm...OK... Now lets take a look at what followed up in the drama....

23rd April... SC rejected Govt.'s appeal to reconsider the quota issue and ordered no extra quotas at least for this academic year. People(including aspirants like me) thought the road is all clear for IIMs to go ahead with the admission process, but hey!!! Mr. AS is not such a pessimist . The minister declared the decision means nothing to him and declared he will be approaching CJI regarding this issue. CJI issued the date of 8th may for next hearing. Mr. AS makes a media statement that he does not need to send any fresh directives to IIMs regarding the issue and they should wait till MHRD grants them the permission. Anyways IIM directors approached Mr.PM and pitched their case in front of him explaining that it is not possible for IIMs to wait indefinitely before they can start their admission process, also emphasising the impact this will have on the quality of students at IIMs. Thankfully, he gave an ear and called for a cabinet meeting to resolve the issue and unlock the deadlock. Not much to be happy about...we know how our elected ones are.... Anyways, the intellectual people met and one must have a look at what they thought and said... Mr. Sharad Pawar, the agriculture minister, straight away rejected the SCs verdict and said:“I told the PM not to pay attention to the judgement. It’s been given by a smaller bench. It is unconstitutional”, while Karunanidhi tried to raise his share of votes in TN by making a statement to the extent "The SC judgement shows that the future of 100 crore of people lies in the hands of just 2 or 3 men. This is an insult to democracy”.Moreover, they decided to delay the admission process further by a day to send a signal to Judiciary about the kind of unanimity in the cabinet(I dont understand how this sends the signal...anyways they claim that)
(Read News Article)

Unfortunately these people don't think that this as a disrespect of the judiciary and the concept of judiciary and in effect of the whole basis of our constitution.. but what Mr. Dholakia did was sheer disrespect of Parliament and constitution.

What a tragedy!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Come on!!! It has to be better than this..

I have always been known for not expressing my feelings in public but here I am a depressed , a frustrated person, a loser finding some space to get that frustration out.
Everything looked fine when i was giving interviews for admission in B-schools. The performance never looked that bad to throw me out of all but the results seem to be indicating something else. After already been kicked off from NITIE and partly from IIT-D, all that was remaining was to be kicked off from MDI. Something that happened and hurt badly, I am here to vent out all the frustration...

Time to retrospect!!!

NITIE: Everything seemed fine. Had an average GD(thanks to the topic...dint have much knowledge about) but a decent PI. The panelists looked satisfied with the responses. God knows what then!!

IIT-B: Somehow made me remember what had happened last year there!! The panelists must have scolded me after i had gone (last year) and this time they must have thought how such dumb people clear the written test? There must be something terribly wrong with JMET?. And I think there is something terribly wrong with IIT-B. Somehow i do manage to prove my stupidness there. The chemistry doesn't strike. I never manage to make an impression there. The result is not out yet but hey! come on! I don't deserve to even expect a selection (or rather a waitlist) there.

IIT-D: Unlike last year when i had a superb PI and a good GD, this time I managed to mess up around there as well. cud not help my below average performance at GD(had a major position disadvantage) and thanks to the confusion created when the panelists assumed MOBILE SOLUTIONS to EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. Though was still hopeful of making it to the final list based on my rank. Somehow managed that but that is the only positive I can show!!!

MDI: was the last one...I was super chill...had a fultoo bak in PI. (Panelists and I seemed to have struck a brilliant chemistry). They were chilled as well. All laughed for more than 80% of the total 12 mins. There were some low points as well where I cud not answer the questions, which were the must know types but the panelists never gave an impression as if I was stupid rather supported like "arey koi baat nahin" and "chalta hai" with some comments in Hindi as well.
Probably it turned out to be more informal than it should have been.

Come On!! It has to be better than this!!!

Having been kicked off from 3 of the 4 non-IIM institutes, i don't know what to expect from IIM results and thanks to Mr. Arjun Singh, the frustration to carry on for Indefinite period now!!!
The person who used to suggest people to keep their cool and not get frustrated here looks from some serious counseling. The anxiety seems to be ever growing. The wait is now killing me. The frustration is getting out of control(what the heck!! frustration itself is something out of control). The balance is already lost.

"Socha nahin tha takdir yahan layegi, manzil pe aate hi jaan chali jayegi....." yahan to manzil se pehle hi umeed ja rahi hai

Sometimes I even doubt, do I really deserve to be in an elite B-school????Anyways I will still wait....wait till other results come out....before i answer this question.

Come on man!!!! It has to be better than this!!!!

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