Friday, April 20, 2007

Come on!!! It has to be better than this..

I have always been known for not expressing my feelings in public but here I am a depressed , a frustrated person, a loser finding some space to get that frustration out.
Everything looked fine when i was giving interviews for admission in B-schools. The performance never looked that bad to throw me out of all but the results seem to be indicating something else. After already been kicked off from NITIE and partly from IIT-D, all that was remaining was to be kicked off from MDI. Something that happened and hurt badly, I am here to vent out all the frustration...

Time to retrospect!!!

NITIE: Everything seemed fine. Had an average GD(thanks to the topic...dint have much knowledge about) but a decent PI. The panelists looked satisfied with the responses. God knows what then!!

IIT-B: Somehow made me remember what had happened last year there!! The panelists must have scolded me after i had gone (last year) and this time they must have thought how such dumb people clear the written test? There must be something terribly wrong with JMET?. And I think there is something terribly wrong with IIT-B. Somehow i do manage to prove my stupidness there. The chemistry doesn't strike. I never manage to make an impression there. The result is not out yet but hey! come on! I don't deserve to even expect a selection (or rather a waitlist) there.

IIT-D: Unlike last year when i had a superb PI and a good GD, this time I managed to mess up around there as well. cud not help my below average performance at GD(had a major position disadvantage) and thanks to the confusion created when the panelists assumed MOBILE SOLUTIONS to EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. Though was still hopeful of making it to the final list based on my rank. Somehow managed that but that is the only positive I can show!!!

MDI: was the last one...I was super chill...had a fultoo bak in PI. (Panelists and I seemed to have struck a brilliant chemistry). They were chilled as well. All laughed for more than 80% of the total 12 mins. There were some low points as well where I cud not answer the questions, which were the must know types but the panelists never gave an impression as if I was stupid rather supported like "arey koi baat nahin" and "chalta hai" with some comments in Hindi as well.
Probably it turned out to be more informal than it should have been.

Come On!! It has to be better than this!!!

Having been kicked off from 3 of the 4 non-IIM institutes, i don't know what to expect from IIM results and thanks to Mr. Arjun Singh, the frustration to carry on for Indefinite period now!!!
The person who used to suggest people to keep their cool and not get frustrated here looks from some serious counseling. The anxiety seems to be ever growing. The wait is now killing me. The frustration is getting out of control(what the heck!! frustration itself is something out of control). The balance is already lost.

"Socha nahin tha takdir yahan layegi, manzil pe aate hi jaan chali jayegi....." yahan to manzil se pehle hi umeed ja rahi hai

Sometimes I even doubt, do I really deserve to be in an elite B-school????Anyways I will still wait....wait till other results come out....before i answer this question.

Come on man!!!! It has to be better than this!!!!

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