Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insult of Parliament or Insult of Judiciary??? or Insult of Constitution!!!

We all know of the comments passed by our Hon'ble(or horrible wtever) HRD minister Mr. Arjun Singh, when IIMs fixed the date of 21st April for declaring results. Our hon'ble(..) minister said the declaration is not in good spirit and is a disrespect of the Parliament. He slammed IIMs for being so outspoken... sent a notice to Mr. Bakul Dholakia. and also sent a directive to IIMs to hold on the results till next directive from MHRD.

These, our chosen ones, claim that the IIM directors have made statements which shows disrespect to the parliament ... hmmm...OK... Now lets take a look at what followed up in the drama....

23rd April... SC rejected Govt.'s appeal to reconsider the quota issue and ordered no extra quotas at least for this academic year. People(including aspirants like me) thought the road is all clear for IIMs to go ahead with the admission process, but hey!!! Mr. AS is not such a pessimist . The minister declared the decision means nothing to him and declared he will be approaching CJI regarding this issue. CJI issued the date of 8th may for next hearing. Mr. AS makes a media statement that he does not need to send any fresh directives to IIMs regarding the issue and they should wait till MHRD grants them the permission. Anyways IIM directors approached Mr.PM and pitched their case in front of him explaining that it is not possible for IIMs to wait indefinitely before they can start their admission process, also emphasising the impact this will have on the quality of students at IIMs. Thankfully, he gave an ear and called for a cabinet meeting to resolve the issue and unlock the deadlock. Not much to be happy about...we know how our elected ones are.... Anyways, the intellectual people met and one must have a look at what they thought and said... Mr. Sharad Pawar, the agriculture minister, straight away rejected the SCs verdict and said:“I told the PM not to pay attention to the judgement. It’s been given by a smaller bench. It is unconstitutional”, while Karunanidhi tried to raise his share of votes in TN by making a statement to the extent "The SC judgement shows that the future of 100 crore of people lies in the hands of just 2 or 3 men. This is an insult to democracy”.Moreover, they decided to delay the admission process further by a day to send a signal to Judiciary about the kind of unanimity in the cabinet(I dont understand how this sends the signal...anyways they claim that)
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Unfortunately these people don't think that this as a disrespect of the judiciary and the concept of judiciary and in effect of the whole basis of our constitution.. but what Mr. Dholakia did was sheer disrespect of Parliament and constitution.

What a tragedy!!!

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