Thursday, May 24, 2007

Simplification or Over-Simplification

This post is inspired by:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
- Albert Einstein

Just think of
  • what does a developer think of his/her manager?
  • what a husband thinks his wife do all through the day?
  • what boss thinks of an employee sitting all through the day in front of the screen?
  • what boss thinks of an employee who is found roaming and chatting and making fun all through the day?
  • what boss thinks of an employee making frequent late stays?
Now here is what a common man would think of it:
  • A manager is paid for not doing anything.
  • Husbands do all the work while wives sit around all through the day.
  • Employee sitting in front of screen is atleast putting up efforts to do the work.
  • Employee roaming around is not sincere about his work.
  • Making late stay means dedication.
Now if I ask you to think of it again, do you think your answers would be same. If not, we belong to the same school.
  • A manager is paid for selling the code, in which you introduced 100s of bugs.
  • Needless to say the kind of work women do...daily chores..monotonous, boring, tiring...yet they do it.. Better ask your Mom!!
  • Employees sitting in front of their monitor screens are there to give an impression as if they are doing some work(you know what I mean)
  • Employees roaming around are doing so to take a break from the work and retain efficiency.(plus probably they don't need to pretend to be working)
  • People stay late so that they can chat, orkut, write blog(as I am writing) with no one raising any objections.
Actually you don't get to know when you cross the thin line between Simplification and Over-Simplification. If I recall what has been a major problem for me throughout my life so far... It has been that I have a habit of breaking complex problems into smaller simpler problems and when it comes to expressing and explaining it to others, the 'simple' intrudes into the territory of 'over-simple'. In that case people look at the 'simple' picture but tend to forget about the effort being put to make it simple. All your effort put to make it simple appears to be kind of obvious and you lose all the credit.

Now comes the dirty part...Why should I lose out for the good I have done?
So here is a tip to all the fellow friends who have faced similar situations and still looking for a solution....(In fact, gave the same advice to a friend just the day before)
  • Do the simplified version but create a complex version for the same. (Not a very difficult thing to do after some practice)
  • When expressing/ explaining, tell the most complex of the versions and give the other person some time to think. (Now this is very important: Those who can simplify know the power of simplification so they are not the ones to be convinced and others will get terrified by it and will surrender!!! That's the time to strike)
  • Now when they are convinced of the complexity (rather terrified by it), throw at them the simplest of the solution and enjoy the fame!!! :)

Sounds simple!! Now that's the power of simplicity.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


If you want to enjoy this post properly, first refer to the post "9 months 19 days at The Zoo".

This post is dedicated to the "awesome pathetic species" (number two ref. 9mon....).
People know I have a poor recall power but full credits to Mr.2 some of the instances(scenes) I don't expect to forget, atleast in the near future.

Scene 1. Furniture
Now after we had shifted to "The Zoo", the first thing that the species were thinking of was regarding setting up "The Zoo" as a livable place... The first thing that came into discussion was furniture and our AWESOME Mr. Two, who all through the life has never talked of amounts less than a crore in his life span, retaliated at the idea of buying any sort of furniture(personal/pooled). And finally only 3 of the species bought a chair each and 2 bought a bed each.

Scene 2. Room cleaning
3 rooms 4 people...With Mr.1 and Mr.2 not buying beds, "'The Zoo' cleaning protocol" said everyone to clean his room. However, species forgot to define specific protocol for the shared room and Mr. 2 decided his own half of the room and let all the dust at one half accumulate in the other half. Oh man!!! he is really so intelligent!! don't u think the same??

Scene 3. Bucket
With winters on, it was felt that two buckets were not sufficient as an extra one is required to allow synchronized water heating and consumption and hence, it was decided to get another bucket. Though Mr. Two was of different opine.. "I don't need another bucket, I am happy with fact, you should pay me back for the second bucket as people are spendthrift... you don't have any sense of saving money....You people are PATHETIC".

Scene 4. Rs.2 dues
Now this one is interesting. Do you remember all the dues/balances with other people? Do you remember all the dues/balances regardless of when and how you gave/take? Do you remember what you have given in kinds? I believe for most of us answer to atleast 2 of the 3 questions would be NO. Though not true for our great Mr. Awesome Pathetic.
Just imagine and think of what would be your reaction if someone comes to you and say, You owe me Rs.2. You made a call from my phone 8 months back.

That's some AWESOME stuff...right?

Scene 5. TV
Number 2 and Number 3 pooled in some money and bought a Television.Surprised!!! Even I was!! Hats off Number 3!! Now, by this time it was highly likely that I would be leaving the company and "The Zoo" in 2-3 months and hence, it made no sense to me to be a partner in this. Number 3 never asked for any kind of share. However, as expected, Number 2 could not have rested a second if I was not to share in this. He approached and asked for contri. I had my stand clear and told him that I was willing to share in the cable charges but was not going to ask any ownership/share in the Television and he was mad like anything...again stating back all his bewkoofi(s) from the day "The Zoo" was founded, as if it was something to boast about...making comments like you people cannot contribute so many hundreds(whatever the share was ..eight hundred or something)...

Scene 6.
Another Big Loss (Rs.2)
So, again an interesting one.... I do not understand why do you need candles? I have never used one so far. Only you people use it. You light it. I won't pay for it. You people do not value money.
Need I say something?

Scene 7.

Mr. 3 had gone to visit his home place and Mr. 2 was probably feeling very lonely without his roommate(There would have been hardly any day when the two have talked and have not fought over probably Mr.2 was feeling lonely without Mr.3). Now, to compensate for Mr. 3's absence, he entered my room, blaming me for not having put water in the mud pot..of which I was almost unaware.
On a bit of tracing back, it was evident that Mr.2 himself was the culprit but as obvious he was not to accept that and just started shouting.
Anyways the daily quota of fights was used that day as well..

AWESOME way man!!!

Scene 8. Electricity
This has always been an issue right since foundation of "The Zoo". Mr. 2 has always been so much concerned about saving power that he even switches off lights even if someone is there in the room and even if reading a book!!!
The height reached when recently when Mr. 2 got some printouts from the office with text in bold "Save Power. Save World." and pasted it all the doors in the house. (Those who stick pamphlets on the roadside do a better job.)

Needless to say, which power he was concerned about.(If you read newspaper, I have to pay electricity bill for that)

Scene 9. Restaurant
Recently Mr.5 had a chance to visit a restaurant with Mr. 2 and I bet he would not forget that for rest of his life. Mr. 2 refused to pay for "half parantha" that he had eaten(Cost Rs. 5). On the other hand asking Mr. 5 to pay for Bisleri that Mr. 2 had asked for and obviously did not share.

Moreover, Mr. 5 had to listen to Mr.2's comments as well...You do not have any sense..You created scene at a restaurant in front of people...It's PATHETIC

Scene 10. Room shift
Now, as new species joined in, older species decided to move on.. Mr. 3 created space for Mr. 5 and Mr.6 to fill the void when I leave.
So, with Mr. 3 moving out, it created another scene.
Mr.2 refused to let Mr.5 or Mr.6 in the room as they were not contributors in the Television and Mr.1 not agreeing to get in there for the obvious reasons and some more reasons known to the species at "The Zoo". Deadlock!!!
And Guess what..Mr2. offered to Mr.6: "You pay the whole cable bill every month and you can stay" and when he rejected, "You are PATHETIC. I do not understand why does amounts like 100-200 matter to you..It is PATHETIC"!! Look who's talking... :)

One thing...I am sure the best is yet to come. Let's see if I get to see some more in the last 10 days.

now when i had expected him to do something in last few days..that was not just a wish or something...prior experience had a role to play there...
so finally...
Scene 11. The Parting Day..
Since we were not in talking terms in last few days, I left the room saying my bye to everyone but him..(also did not talk money with him) obviously, his beats were likely to go up and so they did...(probably skipped some in between as well)...
so I recieved a call from his cell when I was on my way back calculations did not match his..a difference of Rs.10 a result another round of calc started and Mr. AWESOME PATHETIC demanded the unaccounted share of the fixed charges of electricity meter for 7 days i stayed in the that's called some fine calculation....aint it AWESOME..
again have recieved a mail from him saying there were some further corrections..

You know this person as GOJA...need say something more.

Mudslinging the Taj Mahal, literally!

Liked this post..


The Archeological Survey of India has proposed that Taj Mahal get a mudpack facelift. The air pollution monitoring lab has been reporting that the beautiful monument in Agra is consistently exposed to unsually high level of industrial and environmental pollution, and our sincere attempts to combat that air pollution have been failing, at best.

So what’s the mudpack treatment that the experts are recommeding? For 2-3 months, Taj Mahal will be covered with a lime-treated norh Indian-clay (multani mitti). The Multani mitti is rich in phyllosilicates and is a natural cleanser that can absorb toxins and greases. So this clay-treatment is akin to a non-abrasive bath for the 350-plus-year old building. The mud will have to be put manually and will have to dry before it can be removed. Authorities are also banking on some help from the monsoon to wash off any superficial dust particles on the surface of Taj.

So if this proposal gets the stamp of approval, the Taj Mahal, for the next 3 months. will look like a pretty girl with a mudpack. Doesn’t sound very attractive, but it is hoped that the facial treatment will protect the immortal beauty of this monument for a few more months.

I have a proposal and it will help the mud-smearing campaign as well as raise a lot of money in the process, money that can be put to good use. This current treatment will cost upto a crore of rupees, and to keep this an ongoing fundraising effort, Indian government should declare a month-long Taj festival that will attract tourists from all over India and the rest of the planet.

Instead of charging the normal ticket price, the entry fee for such a festival will be much higher. But everyone who pays that hefty fee, will get to throw mud at the Taj Mahal. The government won’t have to pay for hundreds of workers to get the mudpacking done. And for the twisted amongst us (and I know there are a lot of you lurking around), this is a great opportunity to act out your anger and also preserve the most beautiful monument that was ever built on planet earth.

Yeah, pay money and throw mud at the Taj! And if this is successful, then it can be extended to other monuments, government buildings, police stations, statues, political party offices, and what not. Eventually this could become another version of our festival of holi (festival of throwing mud and color at people). I think it is a good idea.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

9 months 19days at "The Zoo"

People call it fultoo entertainment...entertainment at zero cost....a circus...However somehow i have coined a better word for it...I prefer calling it a zoo...ohh sorry is "The Zoo".

"The Zoo" was founded by some species from DA-IICT with due support from Interra Information Technologies in the August of 2006. and the concept behind its foundation was to create a never expiring source of entertainment, for the species involved, both inside and outside the office and also to create a place where you feel that there are bigger and better(read worse) zoos than the workplace. Today, "The Zoo" can proudly boast of its unmatched success, having already completed over 9 months and with some external species also showing good interest to join. Founded by 4 different species, "The Zoo" now boasts of 6 different species from across the country.

The Beginning
The life never is easy, especially if you are out in this bad bad world trying to establish something new, something unique. Something similar happened here. In the initial days of the concept(which dates back to June-July of 2006), five species from DA-IICT were supposed to form this group but before you go any further, one of them backed off. Among the rest of the 4, one was doubtful to join, confused as he has ever been. The first formal(with reference to zoo) meeting happened in the month of August and the first major step in the foundation of this entity happened. Probably, the most significant as well!!!
The species, after having utilized their quota of stay in a sanctuary(read "Company Guest House"), finally had the milestone opportunity of forming an entity, till then unknown and unnamed, and 10-Aug-2006 marks the date of historic importance.

The species(s)
Moving on to the entities / species, the 4 founding species were as unique as you can think of it. Number One, as already mentioned, always confused.
Number Two: An "awesome pathetic" species. (Dint get it!! don't mind...not everyone can). A species for which it is difficult to find some moderate words which can fit over here.
Number Three: A short-tempered and easily excitable species and,
Number Four: yours truly, A Joker.
What a combo!!!!

That's not it...Recently two more species have joined "The Zoo"... so,
Number Five: An argumentative...ready to argument on anything and everything...but hey call it Debate ...that's what he calls it, and
Number Six: A kid (More features likely to show up soon ;) )

End of the story for me
And finally, after more than 9 months of having founded "The Zoo", I will have to move on now (in a few days). I know how much I am going to miss it all through my life, however I don't wish to get in any such zoo again. :)
The time in the zoo has been really memorable.

Hail 21-B

Note1: All the comments made on individuals are purely intentional. However, I assume those who should not mind wont mind it.

Note2: Due to obvious reasons, could not cite any examples of kind of happenings at "The Zoo".

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why/ why not to join IIMC

Found this article on PG: an informative one...

I have had enough queries in the past few days and so here is the definitive list of reasons why you should/should not join IIM Calcutta.

1. This place will let you retain your individuality and treat you like an adult. You will not be treated to a deluge of tests and quizzes and readings. If you are someone who is comfortable in finding his own meaning of what an MBA is come here. Rigor here is defined by the sheer analytical depth and not by the number of hours you pore over your books. You will enjoy and find your own pace but the quantitative concepts even in Human Resource Management will leave you struggling with your analytics.

2. You will feel welcome and a part of a community the moment you enter the gates. This place will not intimidate you or make you to feel humble and insignificant. I have had dinners, lunches and innumerable coffees with some of my professors here. They treat students as equals and do not believe in putting you through a tough time for the sake of it. IIMC is not larger than life and will not make you believe you are. I did not “survive” my first year –I enjoyed it.

3. Most faculty members have been here 20 years or longer. They have the adoration of generations of IIMCians and have seen it all and done it all. We have many wjho have taught in Ivy league schools in the US. Our stats professor was a former director of the Indian Statistical Institute. In fact the reason IIMC does not have a waiting list is because there is an entire team of stats profs figuring out exactly how many final calls need to be given out for 300 students to join. They have incredibly managed to get it right almost every single time in the past so many years.

4. Finance, all that can be said has been said. If you aspire to be a banker, a market maker or a trader there is no place in India that prepares you better than IIMC. The sheer analytical content in every course, the advanced nature of the finance courses, the various unique positions/roles offered to IIMCians every year all point to this simple fact- If you want to do finance, you should be in IIMC. Every PGP-1 has done more in John C Hull’s “Options Futures and Derivatives” (the bible for IB markets) by the end of his summer placements than people will ever get to do in their entire MBAs elsewhere. I will not talk about the Eco/Fin faculty to avoid stating the blindingly obvious. You may disagree on IIMC’s supremacy on a million counts, but if you think finance- you think IIMC.

5. Placements. 225k 4 years ago, 250k now. The highest number of day zero offers (There is a little piece of news coming your way ) The best lateral placements riding on the enormous alumni wave, Over a 100 laterals offers. There is a good reason why none of this has gone down even if the rankings have fallen. Placements are hard reality unlike PR and the Indian media. The placement reports are out there for everyone to see.

6. Sports/Extra currics/Culture- Read through some of my earlier posts. We have a performing dramatics cell which stages plays with budgets running in lacs absolutely professionally done. We have JBS BaroC-one of India’s oldest college bands and the lifeline of the IIMC community. We have a world class gym, grounds for almost every sport, and of course the surprisingly popular swimming pool. We have a life gentlemen and a bloody good one at that.

7. Student profiles- IIMC does not lay much emphasis on your past acads. There is a very popular interview with our Dean here in PG elaborating the same. What this means for you in very tangible terms is that the company shortlists during placements will not be a list of students ordered by their GPA. Year after year people enter the best of the companies purely on strength of their extra curriculars (Sports/Drams/BaroC/Intaglio). This is essentially a cultural point since inevitably alumni are involved in the short listing. If you do not have those stellar picture perfect academics but have spent your time cracking the scene outside, come here and rest assured you will have a blast and get a great career on your own terms. You do not have to become a mugging machine to ensure you have one of those dream offers. This is probably one of the most important points I would consider especially since this is where the top 3 IIMs differ the most and it is quite clearly a deal breaker.

This has been one of India’s best institutes for over 45 years now and the list of names that make up our alumni are quite clearly unmatched. No school in India can boast of a CEO of the scale of a Nooyi, a billionaire in Vikrant Bhargava or an all conqueror like Malli. Of course I am leaving out the CEO of CNBC India, our respected director and the founder of Rediff, the many many Mck,/BCG/ Bain/ATK partners. the Asia Pacific head of Deutsche Bank and the regular list of VPs, MDs and others across sectors including of course Professor Apte, the man behind IIM-B’s rise as a top Indian institute.

Ask the hard questions and the answer is obvious. If somebody asks you to join a school because everyone in the past has done so, he quite clearly lacks any other point to come up with. This post is a direct, clean list of my school and who would make a good fit there.

For the record- I write here in my own capacity and this post has nothing to do whatsoever with the PR cell of IIMC.

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