Thursday, May 17, 2007

9 months 19days at "The Zoo"

People call it fultoo entertainment...entertainment at zero cost....a circus...However somehow i have coined a better word for it...I prefer calling it a zoo...ohh sorry is "The Zoo".

"The Zoo" was founded by some species from DA-IICT with due support from Interra Information Technologies in the August of 2006. and the concept behind its foundation was to create a never expiring source of entertainment, for the species involved, both inside and outside the office and also to create a place where you feel that there are bigger and better(read worse) zoos than the workplace. Today, "The Zoo" can proudly boast of its unmatched success, having already completed over 9 months and with some external species also showing good interest to join. Founded by 4 different species, "The Zoo" now boasts of 6 different species from across the country.

The Beginning
The life never is easy, especially if you are out in this bad bad world trying to establish something new, something unique. Something similar happened here. In the initial days of the concept(which dates back to June-July of 2006), five species from DA-IICT were supposed to form this group but before you go any further, one of them backed off. Among the rest of the 4, one was doubtful to join, confused as he has ever been. The first formal(with reference to zoo) meeting happened in the month of August and the first major step in the foundation of this entity happened. Probably, the most significant as well!!!
The species, after having utilized their quota of stay in a sanctuary(read "Company Guest House"), finally had the milestone opportunity of forming an entity, till then unknown and unnamed, and 10-Aug-2006 marks the date of historic importance.

The species(s)
Moving on to the entities / species, the 4 founding species were as unique as you can think of it. Number One, as already mentioned, always confused.
Number Two: An "awesome pathetic" species. (Dint get it!! don't mind...not everyone can). A species for which it is difficult to find some moderate words which can fit over here.
Number Three: A short-tempered and easily excitable species and,
Number Four: yours truly, A Joker.
What a combo!!!!

That's not it...Recently two more species have joined "The Zoo"... so,
Number Five: An argumentative...ready to argument on anything and everything...but hey call it Debate ...that's what he calls it, and
Number Six: A kid (More features likely to show up soon ;) )

End of the story for me
And finally, after more than 9 months of having founded "The Zoo", I will have to move on now (in a few days). I know how much I am going to miss it all through my life, however I don't wish to get in any such zoo again. :)
The time in the zoo has been really memorable.

Hail 21-B

Note1: All the comments made on individuals are purely intentional. However, I assume those who should not mind wont mind it.

Note2: Due to obvious reasons, could not cite any examples of kind of happenings at "The Zoo".

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AbhiTaneja said...

We gonna tell you a story..a story about 4 guys....not Ta Ra Ma and Pa but Goja Tholia Luthra and Taneja.

yeh goja ye tholia ye luthra ye taneja agar mil jayein to yeh sargam sunayi de sabko...zu zu zu zuu.. zu zu zu zu zu zuuu..(music of ta ra rum pum)

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