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If you want to enjoy this post properly, first refer to the post "9 months 19 days at The Zoo".

This post is dedicated to the "awesome pathetic species" (number two ref. 9mon....).
People know I have a poor recall power but full credits to Mr.2 some of the instances(scenes) I don't expect to forget, atleast in the near future.

Scene 1. Furniture
Now after we had shifted to "The Zoo", the first thing that the species were thinking of was regarding setting up "The Zoo" as a livable place... The first thing that came into discussion was furniture and our AWESOME Mr. Two, who all through the life has never talked of amounts less than a crore in his life span, retaliated at the idea of buying any sort of furniture(personal/pooled). And finally only 3 of the species bought a chair each and 2 bought a bed each.

Scene 2. Room cleaning
3 rooms 4 people...With Mr.1 and Mr.2 not buying beds, "'The Zoo' cleaning protocol" said everyone to clean his room. However, species forgot to define specific protocol for the shared room and Mr. 2 decided his own protocol...cleaning half of the room and let all the dust at one half accumulate in the other half. Oh man!!! he is really so intelligent!! don't u think the same??

Scene 3. Bucket
With winters on, it was felt that two buckets were not sufficient as an extra one is required to allow synchronized water heating and consumption and hence, it was decided to get another bucket. Though Mr. Two was of different opine.. "I don't need another bucket, I am happy with one..in fact, you should pay me back for the second bucket as well...you people are spendthrift... you don't have any sense of saving money....You people are PATHETIC".

Scene 4. Rs.2 dues
Now this one is interesting. Do you remember all the dues/balances with other people? Do you remember all the dues/balances regardless of when and how you gave/take? Do you remember what you have given in kinds? I believe for most of us answer to atleast 2 of the 3 questions would be NO. Though not true for our great Mr. Awesome Pathetic.
Just imagine and think of what would be your reaction if someone comes to you and say, You owe me Rs.2. You made a call from my phone 8 months back.

That's some AWESOME stuff...right?

Scene 5. TV
Number 2 and Number 3 pooled in some money and bought a Television.Surprised!!! Even I was!! Hats off Number 3!! Now, by this time it was highly likely that I would be leaving the company and "The Zoo" in 2-3 months and hence, it made no sense to me to be a partner in this. Number 3 never asked for any kind of share. However, as expected, Number 2 could not have rested a second if I was not to share in this. He approached and asked for contri. I had my stand clear and told him that I was willing to share in the cable charges but was not going to ask any ownership/share in the Television and he was mad like anything...again stating back all his bewkoofi(s) from the day "The Zoo" was founded, as if it was something to boast about...making comments like you people cannot contribute so many hundreds(whatever the share was ..eight hundred or something)...

Scene 6.
Another Big Loss (Rs.2)
So, again an interesting one.... I do not understand why do you need candles? I have never used one so far. Only you people use it. You light it. I won't pay for it. You people do not value money.
Need I say something?

Scene 7.

Mr. 3 had gone to visit his home place and Mr. 2 was probably feeling very lonely without his roommate(There would have been hardly any day when the two have talked and have not fought over something..so probably Mr.2 was feeling lonely without Mr.3). Now, to compensate for Mr. 3's absence, he entered my room, blaming me for not having put water in the mud pot..of which I was almost unaware.
On a bit of tracing back, it was evident that Mr.2 himself was the culprit but as obvious he was not to accept that and just started shouting.
Anyways the daily quota of fights was used that day as well..

AWESOME way man!!!

Scene 8. Electricity
This has always been an issue right since foundation of "The Zoo". Mr. 2 has always been so much concerned about saving power that he even switches off lights even if someone is there in the room and even if reading a book!!!
The height reached when recently when Mr. 2 got some printouts from the office with text in bold "Save Power. Save World." and pasted it all the doors in the house. (Those who stick pamphlets on the roadside do a better job.)

Needless to say, which power he was concerned about.(If you read newspaper, I have to pay electricity bill for that)

Scene 9. Restaurant
Recently Mr.5 had a chance to visit a restaurant with Mr. 2 and I bet he would not forget that for rest of his life. Mr. 2 refused to pay for "half parantha" that he had eaten(Cost Rs. 5). On the other hand asking Mr. 5 to pay for Bisleri that Mr. 2 had asked for and obviously did not share.

Moreover, Mr. 5 had to listen to Mr.2's comments as well...You do not have any sense..You created scene at a restaurant in front of people...It's PATHETIC

Scene 10. Room shift
Now, as new species joined in, older species decided to move on.. Mr. 3 created space for Mr. 5 and Mr.6 to fill the void when I leave.
So, with Mr. 3 moving out, it created another scene.
Mr.2 refused to let Mr.5 or Mr.6 in the room as they were not contributors in the Television and Mr.1 not agreeing to get in there for the obvious reasons and some more reasons known to the species at "The Zoo". Deadlock!!!
And Guess what..Mr2. offered to Mr.6: "You pay the whole cable bill every month and you can stay" and when he rejected, "You are PATHETIC. I do not understand why does amounts like 100-200 matter to you..It is PATHETIC"!! Look who's talking... :)

One thing...I am sure the best is yet to come. Let's see if I get to see some more in the last 10 days.

now when i had expected him to do something in last few days..that was not just a wish or something...prior experience had a role to play there...
so finally...
Scene 11. The Parting Day..
Since we were not in talking terms in last few days, I left the room saying my bye to everyone but him..(also did not talk money with him) obviously, his beats were likely to go up and so they did...(probably skipped some in between as well)...
so I recieved a call from his cell when I was on my way back home..my calculations did not match his..a difference of Rs.10 ...as a result another round of calc started and Mr. AWESOME PATHETIC demanded the unaccounted share of the fixed charges of electricity meter for 7 days i stayed in the room....now that's called some fine calculation....aint it AWESOME..
again have recieved a mail from him saying there were some further corrections..

You know this person as GOJA...need say something more.

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