Thursday, May 24, 2007

Simplification or Over-Simplification

This post is inspired by:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.
- Albert Einstein

Just think of
  • what does a developer think of his/her manager?
  • what a husband thinks his wife do all through the day?
  • what boss thinks of an employee sitting all through the day in front of the screen?
  • what boss thinks of an employee who is found roaming and chatting and making fun all through the day?
  • what boss thinks of an employee making frequent late stays?
Now here is what a common man would think of it:
  • A manager is paid for not doing anything.
  • Husbands do all the work while wives sit around all through the day.
  • Employee sitting in front of screen is atleast putting up efforts to do the work.
  • Employee roaming around is not sincere about his work.
  • Making late stay means dedication.
Now if I ask you to think of it again, do you think your answers would be same. If not, we belong to the same school.
  • A manager is paid for selling the code, in which you introduced 100s of bugs.
  • Needless to say the kind of work women do...daily chores..monotonous, boring, tiring...yet they do it.. Better ask your Mom!!
  • Employees sitting in front of their monitor screens are there to give an impression as if they are doing some work(you know what I mean)
  • Employees roaming around are doing so to take a break from the work and retain efficiency.(plus probably they don't need to pretend to be working)
  • People stay late so that they can chat, orkut, write blog(as I am writing) with no one raising any objections.
Actually you don't get to know when you cross the thin line between Simplification and Over-Simplification. If I recall what has been a major problem for me throughout my life so far... It has been that I have a habit of breaking complex problems into smaller simpler problems and when it comes to expressing and explaining it to others, the 'simple' intrudes into the territory of 'over-simple'. In that case people look at the 'simple' picture but tend to forget about the effort being put to make it simple. All your effort put to make it simple appears to be kind of obvious and you lose all the credit.

Now comes the dirty part...Why should I lose out for the good I have done?
So here is a tip to all the fellow friends who have faced similar situations and still looking for a solution....(In fact, gave the same advice to a friend just the day before)
  • Do the simplified version but create a complex version for the same. (Not a very difficult thing to do after some practice)
  • When expressing/ explaining, tell the most complex of the versions and give the other person some time to think. (Now this is very important: Those who can simplify know the power of simplification so they are not the ones to be convinced and others will get terrified by it and will surrender!!! That's the time to strike)
  • Now when they are convinced of the complexity (rather terrified by it), throw at them the simplest of the solution and enjoy the fame!!! :)

Sounds simple!! Now that's the power of simplicity.


NyTyne said...

Nice one ! and even the CAt suggestions are quite right....

Pavan Daxini said...

a really good and 'simple' one !!

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