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Why/ why not to join IIMC

Found this article on PG: an informative one...

I have had enough queries in the past few days and so here is the definitive list of reasons why you should/should not join IIM Calcutta.

1. This place will let you retain your individuality and treat you like an adult. You will not be treated to a deluge of tests and quizzes and readings. If you are someone who is comfortable in finding his own meaning of what an MBA is come here. Rigor here is defined by the sheer analytical depth and not by the number of hours you pore over your books. You will enjoy and find your own pace but the quantitative concepts even in Human Resource Management will leave you struggling with your analytics.

2. You will feel welcome and a part of a community the moment you enter the gates. This place will not intimidate you or make you to feel humble and insignificant. I have had dinners, lunches and innumerable coffees with some of my professors here. They treat students as equals and do not believe in putting you through a tough time for the sake of it. IIMC is not larger than life and will not make you believe you are. I did not “survive” my first year –I enjoyed it.

3. Most faculty members have been here 20 years or longer. They have the adoration of generations of IIMCians and have seen it all and done it all. We have many wjho have taught in Ivy league schools in the US. Our stats professor was a former director of the Indian Statistical Institute. In fact the reason IIMC does not have a waiting list is because there is an entire team of stats profs figuring out exactly how many final calls need to be given out for 300 students to join. They have incredibly managed to get it right almost every single time in the past so many years.

4. Finance, all that can be said has been said. If you aspire to be a banker, a market maker or a trader there is no place in India that prepares you better than IIMC. The sheer analytical content in every course, the advanced nature of the finance courses, the various unique positions/roles offered to IIMCians every year all point to this simple fact- If you want to do finance, you should be in IIMC. Every PGP-1 has done more in John C Hull’s “Options Futures and Derivatives” (the bible for IB markets) by the end of his summer placements than people will ever get to do in their entire MBAs elsewhere. I will not talk about the Eco/Fin faculty to avoid stating the blindingly obvious. You may disagree on IIMC’s supremacy on a million counts, but if you think finance- you think IIMC.

5. Placements. 225k 4 years ago, 250k now. The highest number of day zero offers (There is a little piece of news coming your way ) The best lateral placements riding on the enormous alumni wave, Over a 100 laterals offers. There is a good reason why none of this has gone down even if the rankings have fallen. Placements are hard reality unlike PR and the Indian media. The placement reports are out there for everyone to see.

6. Sports/Extra currics/Culture- Read through some of my earlier posts. We have a performing dramatics cell which stages plays with budgets running in lacs absolutely professionally done. We have JBS BaroC-one of India’s oldest college bands and the lifeline of the IIMC community. We have a world class gym, grounds for almost every sport, and of course the surprisingly popular swimming pool. We have a life gentlemen and a bloody good one at that.

7. Student profiles- IIMC does not lay much emphasis on your past acads. There is a very popular interview with our Dean here in PG elaborating the same. What this means for you in very tangible terms is that the company shortlists during placements will not be a list of students ordered by their GPA. Year after year people enter the best of the companies purely on strength of their extra curriculars (Sports/Drams/BaroC/Intaglio). This is essentially a cultural point since inevitably alumni are involved in the short listing. If you do not have those stellar picture perfect academics but have spent your time cracking the scene outside, come here and rest assured you will have a blast and get a great career on your own terms. You do not have to become a mugging machine to ensure you have one of those dream offers. This is probably one of the most important points I would consider especially since this is where the top 3 IIMs differ the most and it is quite clearly a deal breaker.

This has been one of India’s best institutes for over 45 years now and the list of names that make up our alumni are quite clearly unmatched. No school in India can boast of a CEO of the scale of a Nooyi, a billionaire in Vikrant Bhargava or an all conqueror like Malli. Of course I am leaving out the CEO of CNBC India, our respected director and the founder of Rediff, the many many Mck,/BCG/ Bain/ATK partners. the Asia Pacific head of Deutsche Bank and the regular list of VPs, MDs and others across sectors including of course Professor Apte, the man behind IIM-B’s rise as a top Indian institute.

Ask the hard questions and the answer is obvious. If somebody asks you to join a school because everyone in the past has done so, he quite clearly lacks any other point to come up with. This post is a direct, clean list of my school and who would make a good fit there.

For the record- I write here in my own capacity and this post has nothing to do whatsoever with the PR cell of IIMC.


desh said...

abe dont thnk too much buddy join it :)

desh said...

n nice to see u bloggin....put down ur experiences at iimc now n b regular

Anonymous said...

Thanks for quoting my psot. Hope to catch you in Cal. Congrats

AbhiTaneja said...


wud b my plsr but wud hv liked to know who u r?? :)

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