Saturday, July 14, 2007

Entrepreneurship or the safe road??

So having already written about why and why not to join IIMs...I would like to take upon this topic in bit more detail.

We are often asked at various points in time a very basic question, which is also the basis of this post:
What is the difference between a LEADER and a MANAGER?

And often we answer this question, something like this: "A leader is a manager but a manger may not be a leader. A manager manages his team/resources while a leader has a vision and drives his team into that direction".
Hmm..looks like they possess similar characteristics.

They are not!!!

It is not just a coincidence that none of the successful leaders have/had MBA degree rather it is because they did not have MBA degree that they went on to do different things.

The role of a leader is a sharp contrast to that of a manager... Leaders are risk-seekers while Managers are risk-averse... Leaders take risky decisions to maximize profits while Managers take conservative/safe decisions to minimize the losses.... Leader has passion for what he/she does while to manager it is a treadmill....Leaders are trend setters while Managers follow proven success routes..Managers use jargons as much as possible, Leaders hate it.

The flip side as we look upon as is:
Uncertainty of success of enterprise v/s an almost guaranteed handsome amount of money
Non-defined roles v/s Defined roles and tasks
Social pressures on entrepreneurs are bound to be larger for the uncertainty involved.(including issues like family support etc.)

So how does one go about deciding: Leader or Manager?
Simple answer: follow your instinct forget rationalism. You'll get the right answer. :)

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