Friday, July 13, 2007

The train to IIMC

So finally it was the time to get to a place i had been waiting to go for long...the place i considered heaven on earth.. needless to say the best among IIMs... but interestingly on my way to this place i was more curious/anxious/excited about some place and it was not the Jokaland but the state i had to pass through..Yup..BIHAR.

I was more than curious to see what Bihar is like..Having heard so many stories of badly managed state and its law and order situation, I wanted to see it myself 'How is this place different from other places?'.... Logically thinking i should have been worried and cautious of having to pass through such a place but surprisingly enough i felt neither and rather experienced great excitement..

The territory of the state was supposed to start at around 8 o'clock at night which when rounded off with perspective for Indian Railways was expected at around 9. I slept throughout the day (short naps every 20-30 mins) but dint want to miss the "opportunity" and made sure I dont sleep from after 7 o'clock till the time the train stops at Mughal Sarai... reached at around 9 o'clock... could not resist but to get off the train and take a walk at the Platform... everything looked similar except the people...everyone looked terribly terrified.. obviously this made me somewhat cautious as well but still i could not resist but to make calls to my friends from Bihar..called up Niraj Mohan and then Rahul Kumar..dint have anything to talk about except "Boss!! I am in your state"...sounds stupid.. aint it?? it does.. even to me.. but this is what is called emotions...something a mind cannot understand...anyways... got a piece of advice from these friends.. "Dude!! it is not a good place for you..get out of it ASAP" if I am driving the train [:P]..

The train departed from Mughal Sarai...was still kinda excited and then i noticed some police people roaming around very frequently...could not make much sense of it till one of the Bongs sharing the cubicle told about the security was then that i noticed that atleast 6-7 police people were standing in each of the bogies..reason..obviously the security concern..The area from Mughal Sarai till Dhanbad is known for scandals and unlawful activities along with snatching at gun point and otherwise... Now I know why people had a cause to worry.. even i had it now [;-)] ..

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