Friday, July 13, 2007

Why / Why not go to IIMs??

Disclaimer: You may strictly disagree with me on any/all of these points but this is what I think. You are welcome to raise your concerns through comments/ by writing to me at

This question may look insane to people outside IIMs though not to many of those in the IIMs.
The grass looks really green from outside but we tend to forget, one learns marketing at B-schools.

- To get heavy paychecks/financial security.
- To learn to use jargons effectively.
- Repo in industry/society.
- To share a forum with exceptionally successful people.
- To meet/listen to/interact with highly successful/highly reputed people in the industry.
- To learn to show you are very busy, even when you waste 20 hours a day.
- To realize that money is not that important and there are better things to bother about in life.
- If you are traveling freak, you may like to do an MBA.
- If you already have your target set and MBA lies in the way to achieve that.(Forget financial aspects here)
- (To be completed)

Why not?
- The life ends at Microsoft Office.
- It kills your creativity.
- It kills your risk taking capabilities.
- Everything is relative. You learn to call a dummy life really interesting.
- Very high on individualism. Kills collectivism and team skills.
- A strict NO if you plan to be an entrepreneur. The paradox,"I will work in an i-bank for 3-4 years(make money) and quit to start my own venture" is 100% flawed. It only gets tougher to quit as time passes by and no one actually does.
- If you are satisfied with your current job, there is no point why you should be looking at MBA.
- If you are just looking for money, let me tell you their are better options out there.
(To be completed)

Why am I doing an MBA?
The question largely remains unanswered.
Probably I dint know all this before making a decision to join.
Probably coz there is no easy exit strategy to it.
Probably I still fear taking a risk.
Probably the heavy paychecks still tend to attract me.


Smartalec said...

got me thinking, this one.
why do i get the feeling that not much solace can be taken in the "to be completed" phrases at the end of the lists of reasons?!
time for some serious consideration of facts and understanding the objectives...

Bhavesh said...

dont go down this road my dear friend. i get a very strong feeling of deja vu after reading ur blog. i am feeling good after a long time. unfortunately, cant say the same for you.

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