Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chak de!! India

Although going by the common convention for a civil day it was Independence day yesterday, but I would prefer the more generic definition for civil day(starts at dawn and ends accordingly) this time, considering it to be the 60th Independence day of India.

It is during this time that people, for once in a year, think about their country(atleast I suppose so) and again forget about it the very next day. Our definitions of patriotism have changed. We no longer attend flag hoisting ceremonies and listen to speech about the respected freedom fighters. We feel patriotic by watching patriotic movies and attend the flag hoisting only if laddu-factor appeals to us. We remember 15th August for it is a national holiday. However, on the positive side, atleast we remember this... We know that 15th August is a day of national significance and some break through related to freedom struggle happened on this date...We have a flag as well and is hoisted on this date of the calendar.

I am no different and I accept that. Even if I look at today's activities... I was sleeping at the time the flag was being hoisted... I dont even know who hoisted it in the college, I just suppose it must have been the Director...then I was playing Diablo-II before leaving for the movie- Chak De India... Not to forget Happy Independence Day status message on GTalk...
This all looked fine then but retrospection gives a kind of guilt feeling that I had spared not even a fraction of a second thinking about the great freedom fighters who made this happen. And if this is my case, I believe it must have been same/similar for a lot many people.

If this is the case with so called Learned people of this country, only God knows where the country might be heading and still we do not hesitate saying "Chak De!! India"

~~Happy Independence Day~~

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