Monday, August 13, 2007

Consultancy- The Rosy picture

Just a few days back..ppl from a leading consuting co.(name removed for certain reasons) were there on the campus for an informal talk with the students and they painted a very beautiful picture...No, not on canvas, not on the white or the green boards but on everyone's mind.

They made everyone feel that traveling is real fun, seeing your ideas being implemented is real fun. When airport staff know you by name and when they confirm your seats without checking your tickets..This is real fun.

You get to get a lot of experience in a lot of areas(both verticals and horizontals) within a very short span of time (often referred to as Dog's Life), which essentially creates a lot more options(Exit strategies) for you. A person may get into a PE firm, start his entrepreneurial stint or may continue to retire as a Partner.
You get to visit a lot of places since traveling is just another part of the job.
You work with CXOs and help them find out and remove their business problems and what gives immense pleasure is to see your ideas being implemented. Lets say, You suggested some particular design for some store to increase the revenues and when you visit the store next time you find it!! sounds great. Indeed it is.
Sometimes you not only suggest but also get a chance to help the organisation implement it.

Wow all this sounds so great but somehow I cant help recalling words from Mahesh Murthy: "If consultants had any solutions, they would have been in the business(as employer not employee)"
In fact, I even considered posing the question during the 'informal talk' but then decided not to. to avoid a fine penalty if somehow they took it otherwise [:P].

~No Objections Meant but if I tell you time by looking your watch and still get paid for it, am I a Consultant?

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