Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Success!! Is it good or bad?
What a stupid question!! Aint it? Not if you have already read the Title of the post.

It is not that all the successful people are egoists. In fact, a high proportion of successful people are modest and that is what they attribute their success to but equally high proportion shows attributes of King-size ego. Like modesty takes credit of success for the first types, success rules the second types.

Moreover, my observation says that people who get quick success(undeserving, most of the times) tend to have a higher degree of ego than those who faced a few hurdles and had to fightback to get success.

Another observation says that those people who have not been much into the world tend to think they drive the world(which is just a step short to ego). The more you experience the world, the more you get to know the mortal self.

~Stop reading here only.
~Just some frustration coming out.

There was this guy in our group, who hindered the working of the group to the extent that the final submission made was sub-quality even when we had most of the things done well in time. This guy bothered us on almost every minor point even when he knew that 2 people in the group knew far more than him. Just because he thought he was from a very good college(sometimes people over-estimate things belonging to them) and he is a fresh graduate(everyone else had relevant work-experience), he could not resist himself but to show redundancy of all we did. Thanks to him that more than the total time put in completing task was spent in explaining him why we were doing that and yeah one more thing, the only thing that he did, he did not show it to anybody and himself decided that this was no good to be put in our final work.
~What a free-rider and this guy still claims to have done most of the tasks!!
Someone please put some ego-test as admission criteria plzzz!!


ss said...

kya baaat hai aaj-kal tumhare posts to printing press ki tarah chap rahe hain.
aur is free-rider ki baat kar rahe hoo, kya is tarah ki posts tumhare external affairs committee publish karne par rokti nahi hai kya??

AbhiTaneja said...

it is not abt insti or anything in specific, the free-rider case is just an individual case and hence should be looked at in a stand-alone environment.

Along the same lines, tell me one place where there are no free-riders!! I haven't heard of any.

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