Sunday, August 19, 2007

Make a choice- Run or Run

Fridays usually mark start of a weekend. Usually!!
But sometimes they don't.
Sometimes you wait for weekdays to get over but sometimes you wish there were no weekends.
Sometimes Fridays mark startline to run which ends on Mondays.

Run for classes.
Run for crashers.
Run to your mentors.
Run to various Reps.
Run for Company Presentations.
Run for PEAs.
Run to the hostel and Run to the Acad Block.
Run to take printouts.
Run to catch some food.
Run to catch some rest.
Run Run and Run.
Run to survive.
Run till you survive and run after that.
Run to run and Run to crawl.
Run for your life and Run for your death.
Run for all you can have and Run for all you can't.
Run for you like it and Run for you don't.

Run Run & Run, Run coz that's the only option.

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