Friday, August 24, 2007

The Much Awaited!!


Day4: Washerman comes and tells that he returns back clothes in 7 days.
Practical observation: He returns back in 10+ days.

The group of managers thought of buying a washing machine but hey, all are managers so who will do it!!! And the managers planned and planned. They planned for around 2 months, while finding alternatives to get their work done. Finally after 2 months, one of them went to the shop and ordered a washing machine without even looking at it. Just looked at the prices and ordered least priced one in the shop, which turned out to be an LG-SemiAutomatic Power Saver model priced at INR 5800. He did not even check the available colours etc. and had to be told what colour it is after it had been delivered in the hostel. Nonetheless, thankfully he ordered one.

And now this definitely called for some celebrations..
So check this out and look at the enthu in ppl...

Some more videos to be uploaded..


rajesh said...

nice one dude !!

Prems said...

Good show buddy!!

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