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Remembering the good old days 1.2

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Now this aint exactly good in terms of experience but definitely very good in terms of learning.

CAT 2005
So finally after preparing for almost an year, it was time to perform and the only time to matter. With so many mock tests, my strategy for the test was almost in place. It was unusual but I still had a belief in it.
The pattern was totally different so the strategy had to be changed for that. Fairly less number of questions and hence my USP of picking the easiest of the questions was not of much use there. One of the questions was as it is picked up from one of the AIMCATs but my poor memory power dint let me benefit.
Anyways, did it to the best of what I could do then and there but had a feeling that it was not enough to get through. Although, after discussing it with people outside the examination hall, I felt that it was not that bad either. Met Siddhartha Soni(VA instructor at TIME) while on the way back to college and having discussed some of the questions with him, I felt there was a fair chance of my getting through. But considering the past experiences of IIT-JEE time, I decided not to discuss the possibilities with the people.

Answer Keys
The next day, all the coaching institutes had come up with the answer key to the test but unfortunately their keys dint match much with each other. So, calculated it with all the keys and got a similar estimate from all of them that I had scored fairly good in QA and DI, while VA was a boundary-type case. With all the keys echoing same thing, I believed it to be true and was just praying for it all to turn out just right.

LUCK is not just another word
While I was praying for it to turn just right, God had different plans for me. When the results came, VA was not even close to cutoffs and all the predictions were no where close. I was disappointed badly and understandably so.

All that ends bad is not always bad:
It had ended with disappointment but before that it made me realise that
1. It was useless thinking about the results after writing the test.
2. There was no point matching answer keys and calculating expected scores.
3. It is also about Luck.
4. If coaching institutes were predicting it wrong, there was hardly any chance people would have done exceptionally well.
5. The strategy of taking the exam has to be independent of the type of paper.

I carried these learnings when preparing for CAT 2006 and all of these paid well!!
How? Coming Soon.

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Siddharth said...

hey! how are you doing? so what was the outcome of CAT 2006?

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