Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Remembering the good old days- 1.1

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1. CAT'05 Preparation
The coaching center was around 25 Kms from the college and none of us had a Bike. All we had to rely upon was public transport i.e. Jeeps and Buses and that means around 2 hours of total travel time for each class. 2hr travelling for 2 hr class!! Sometimes classes even got cancelled. But that was not enough to demotivate the very focussed us. For quite sometime, none of us even thought of bunking classes as an option even if it was Snehdeep's QA classes(Bundle of keys hanging out of the pocket fame). The kind of dedication we had put in for the preparation was huge (although I never practised it the way TIME faculty had suggested coz I did not find that worthwhile) and the only thing being discussed in the group was CAT for quite sometime.
My idea of joining the coaching was to be regular and it was working out well.
The performance in tests and AIMCATs were fine, if not good. I still remember the kind of effort I used to put in to analyse the test and to modify my strategy to accomodate the results from this analysis. After every test, I used to give a couple of hours looking for the mistakes and the possible causes of the mistake and eventually getting to the root cause and eradicating it. I had good support and motivation with Amit Agrawal(TIME Ahmedabad director) always showing confidence in my capabilities and encouraging me to perform better.

An interesting incident

One interesting thing happened once when I discussed my Test-taking strategy with Amit Agrawal. Considering that VA was always an issue with me, so I had devised a strategy so that I comfortably clear the cut-offs for all the sections and then look for maximising total score.So for that, I divided the 120 mins as 30-60-30 rather than suggested 40-40-40. It looked stupid to others including Amit Agrawal, and people said a lot of things for that(obviously out of concern and I thank all of them for that) but I knew exactly what I was doing. Scoring very high in QA and DI would have propelled the overall score but without a minimum score in VA, that was as good as nothing.
In fact, for that matter, people did not like my test-taking strategy at all. I used to start my test with DI, which they said was a strict no-no. Doing QA at the end was again a no-no . More so when it is just 30 mins to the bell. Anyways I just liked that. For a number of tests, I even had RC at the end, which looks like a fundamental blunder.
The intentions were clear: To have a well customized strategy that suits my style of working without bothering about what suits X and what suits Y.

Non-DAIICT Batch
I had reasons to join the non-DAIICT batch but dint know that it would have much more advantages. The disadvantage as one could clearly see was that with so many people going from a place, they could hire jeep and that definitely saved more than an hour for one-way trip. Thats a lot of time!! but I think positives still outweigh it totally.

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