Thursday, August 16, 2007

Remembering the good old days - 0.0

This is not an uncommon discussion at any point of time but today somehow we(Rajesh and I) were discussing the days of CAT preparation and recalled how much fancy getting into an IIM looked at that point of time. I still dont deny the fact that it is fancy but it is coz 'not denying' is the only option I have now.

It started much earlier but the first milestone was sometime in Ausgust-September 2004, when I decided to start getting coaching for cracking the test. Shwetank Shekhar accompanied. The batch had already started and the faculty suggested us to join in the 'DA-IICT batch'(2 batches of DA-IICTians were about to start) but we had our reasons of not joining those batches.
Reason 1: Don't know when it will be started. Likely to be in January.
Reason 2: Wanted to start ASAP coz only regular classes could ensure a regularity.
Reason 3: A diverse batch w.r.t. background etc. helps
Reason 4: In a batch with all friends, u sometimes have to do certain things which u dont like to do but have to do coz friends are pressing u for that e.g. everyone plans to bunk the lecture.
Reason 5: The level of comfort u share with batchees may sometimes hinder the learning process e.g. making fun of faculty sitting at the last seat.
Reason 6: Gujju galz ;-)

~~~~~~~To Be Continued~~~~~~~
Main points to be covered:
1. The preparation for CAT-05

  • Classes
  • AIMCATs and detailed analysis
  • Test taking strategies
    • When everyone said I was stupid but I knew I wasn't
2. Benefits of joining non-DAIICT batch
3. CAT 2005 and the answer keys
4. InterraIT joining and CAT 06 test series (Taru Bond act)
5. AIMCATs and carelessness personified
6. CAT 06 and no matching answer keys this time
  • Also Lucky Me!! (VA score read 25.00 95.33%le)
7. GD/PI prep and scene @ InterraIT
8. Actual GD/PI(s) and confrontation to Manager
9. GD/PI experiences in brief
  • IIM-B GD/PI (1. Yogesh, Anuja and I in same panel 2. Why are you so interested in what I did ages back?)
  • IIT-D(DMS) and goof-up (and still a convert!!)
  • IIM-K and the stress (Who is the Boss?!!)
  • IIM-I and fun (Where were you man? We have been looking for you for years)
  • IIM-C and structure (1. Do I look like a travel guide? 2. Decision-making (fortunately went into an extremely comfortable direction))
  • IIT-B(SJMSOM) and chaos (How can I perform that pathetic? I underestimated my lower bound of performance)
  • IIM-A and chaos (Do I look like a Gujju chef or something?)
  • IIM-L and what-an-interview-feel but WTF result!! (If u dont like Ambani(s), you should have told me, I would have talked Tata then)
  • MDI and ultimate masti (can never forget this one and cant even say what exactly happened)
10. Last month @ InterraIT
11. "15 days and I will be at IIM-Cal" and proud parents

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