Saturday, August 04, 2007

World War..Lets fight it!!! (Censored version)

So finally World War has begun. Already into its second day. Half of the Junta is finding it hard to stand. People havent slept for days now..earlier due to the midterm examinations and now being into World War, it doesnt look like a good idea to give up the fronts.

The Greeks are fighting Spartans and Nazis.
To those who are clueless of this all, World War is 3 day war between the 3 hostels @ IIM-C (OH, WH(Tagore nd Annexe), NH). Each hostel picks up a theme and here we are, the Greeks. Each hostel raids other two to take possession of their territory and to capture the CnC of others. (Each hostel has a CnC (Commander in Chief), who is the king for these 3 days and a PubC(Publicity Chief), who handles the strategy and publicity part)

Yesterday witnessed the Greeks, the Spartans and the Nazis introduce their CnCs which followed capturing advertising spots in the hostels, in which the hostel acquiring more and prominent spots score high. The intro part took place from 1:00 AM to 2:15 AM followed by the fight for the spots from 3:00 AM till the time judges come(around 6:00 AM) and then the posters and banners need to be put in these places till 9:00 AM. The posters were obviously nothing else but projecting superiority of hostel over other 2, so included abuse for other hostels, for their themes and definitely projecting ours.
This followed raids by hostels to capture CnC of other hostels and a Tyre raid, in which people dig out tyre(symbolic of treasure for this event) from other hostel's territory. The raids go on for next 2 days.
And the hostel who scores max in cumulative of these is declared winner and the War comes to an end. As in original World War, people suffer casualties/injuries during the War.

As it is said: It is all about perseverance and the one who stands till the end wins.

So far the Greeks have maintained a lead. Lets see if they(we) can convert it into a Victory.

Note: If you are interested, you may ping me for the Uncensored version.

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