Thursday, September 27, 2007

And we won!!

There could not have been a better end to it.
India's first match with Scotland is washed out and India plays Pakistan in league match in a battle to survive. India Survives after the bowl out.
Next India meets New Zealand and not to surprise of many, India lost to NZ.
India meets England, again a battle of survival. India persists.
Still struggling to survive, India meets hosts South Africa. Brings out a surprise for all sending Proteans packing bags.

India meets its second order arch-rivals, Australia in Semifinals. People doubtful over India's chances but as it has been a tradition, players come up with exceptional performance to see India through to Finals.

So India to meet its first order arch-rival Pakistan in finals!!

On the other hand..
Pakistan stumbled against minnow Scotland but eventually got past them.
Meeting India next where they could bring match to competitive situation after having lost almost all the extablished batsmen but could not score the last run in 4 deliveries.and eventually lost to India in Bowlout.
This probably provoked Pakis and they scored impressive wins over likes of Sri Lanka and Australia.
Bangladesh could not stand the Paki passion and New Zealand also had to go back packing their bags in Semifinals.
And now they meet India again!!

Impressive performance by both the teams, especially after dismal show at ODI Cricket WC in WI. (Note that both the teams were ousted in the Group stages itself, where India had to pay price of losing to Bangladesh while Pakistan and Coach Woolmer had to pay heavily for losing to Scotland)
Final match, obviously, had to be exciting/nail biting/thrilling/.... (non-ending list of adjectives) and it was like that.
The closing moments of match say it aloud:
Pakistan needs 13 runs from 6 balls.
India needs 1 wicket or restrict Pak to at max 11 runs in 6 balls.
Masbiah Ul Haq-most successful Pakistani batsman in series on strike
Mohd. Asif on non-strikers end. A single would mean that he comes on strike.
India has already used up all the senior bowlers till now.
Dhoni has 2 options: Harbhajan Singh and Joginder Sharma.
Spinner in last over against a settled batsman could be a risky business so Dhoni calls Jogi.
Jogi gets the ball. One of the most unexperienced bowler in the team gets to bowl the last over!!
First ball: Huge Wide. 12 off 6 required.
Dhoni goes and talks to the bowler.
19.1 Masbiah misses it completely. 12 off 5.
19.2 Jogi tries to hit the deck hard but wasted. A mistimed shot goes over the fence for max. 6 off 4.
Pakistan celebrated. Similar to what they did during first league match against India.
Jogi feels the pressure.
19.4 Jogi bowls a normal ball. Masbiah is desparately looking for boundary as he does not want to expose Asif at this time. He moves across towards Off and collects the ball from outside off stump to play it around Leg Gully area. He mistimes. Sreesanth is standing there and it is a CATCH!! Masbiah walks back and India has won the first World Twenty20 championship!!

After 1983, India again gets to be called World Champions!!

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