Sunday, September 02, 2007

Consulting - Perceptions Refined

They teach about Selective Perceptions in the classroom and I though what rubbish!! It was all common sense!! forgetting the fact that common sense is not so common as well.

Yesterday, we had another session with a consulting firm(fourth in the season so far) and it totally changed my perception of consultancy. I wrote about Consultancy and Entrepreneurship sometime back but yesterday's session made me think over certain aspects again.

The session was simple, yet powerful. The people were not pseud as one would expect, still they were impressive. They spoke with clarity. Their thinking was structured, or at least looked like. They articulated impressively. One special thing about this session was that they never seemed to have said 'Globe'(Global statements) and got away with it, which apparently was the case in most of the sessions till date. Probably, this is what answers why this firm is arguably the No.1 Consultancy firm.

Some of the impressions from yesterday's session:
1. Consultants not necessarily have to be pseud.
2. It is more about problem solving than to make fool of others.
3. Consulting and travelling may not be synonymous always.
4. Each of the consulting firm appears to have a different working culture.
5. Also, different career paths.
6. Success in consulting career is directly proportional to the passion that drives it.
..Many more

And Last but most important,
They are looking for humans and not Super-humans, as some of the earlier ones indicated, to join them. :)

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