Friday, September 21, 2007

My 22nd Birthday

I had planned to write this long back but due to academic and other rigours, could not find any time to do so. Anyways, it is not that late as well.

7th September 2007:
It was just 3 days to the first end term examinations, 1 day to the Statistics Terminal Quiz and 2 days to another Statistics quiz. It happened to be just a few hours after Financial Accounting Quiz, a few hours after the Master CV Verification deadline. Add to it the excitement of 'about-to-complete-Term-I' feeling.

I never knew the potential of this combination.

Junta frustrated and excited at the same point of time and adding to the excitement was chance to hit the butts of a batchmate. The poor guy dint realise how hard it was going to be. People from other hostels were the first ones to reach the B-Top/ Mess Top. Thankfully, Statistics tutors had arranged for a tutorial at the same time, which reduced the number of people substantially. The number still was not that small and more importantly, it was some serious hard hitting by the frustrated Junta.

Check out these pics and I dont need to say anything else:

Sidey getting a feel of the same!!
The game had just begun!!
Oooh..Someone Help!!
So Brutal of them!! :(

CHECK this Video: Cake Wasted!!

Come on!! It would have been better if we ate it!!
After the celebration- Me with Sideys
After the celebration- Me with Wingey (Anand)


rajesh said...

where am i man ! me:--- not even worth mentioning............... :( :(

AbhiTaneja said...

Sorry for that Rajesh..

Addendum to the post:
Image and Video courtesy- Rajesh Kumar


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