Thursday, September 20, 2007

India Pakistan Twenty20 match

Needless to say the level of excitements when there is an India-Pakistan Cricket match. Although people compare it with Aus-Eng rivalry but I believe that doesnt stand anywhere closer.

Both the teams put in their best to win the match and actually they put in significantly more than that. It doesnt matter much if India loses in a final, what matters more is winning over Pakistan. Same holds true for Pakistan as well.

India Pakistan Twenty20 World Cup League match of Group D was no different. India, after a poor start(losing quick wickets in initial overs to Mohd. Asif), came back strongly to score a competitive score of 141/9 in the 20 overs. The score, if not a very high score was comfortably a competitve score, given the humid climate but obviously Pakistan was not to give up easily. Despite of losing some quick wickets and an ever rising Required Run Rate, Pakistan maintained a decent chance of winning till around 17th over of the innings. When it looked like that Pakistan has almost lost the match(after their last recognised batsmen, Shahid Afridi, got out), one of the least known names in the International cricket, Masbeih Ul Haq, came to their rescue. He made Pakistan reach a situation where they needed just 11 of the last over.
Having already hit about 30 in 8 odd balls, this looked like an easy target.
The last over:
The second ball of the over goes for a 4. 7 required in 4
19.3 2Runs
19.4 It goes for a 4 and the scores are level. Just 1 run required of 2 balls.
19.5 Sreesanth bowls a bouncer. Masbiah is unable to connect. Dhoni collects the ball and charges to the batsman.
Last Ball: 1 run required. MS Dhoni brings fielders inside the circle. S. Sreesanth hits a bouncing delivery. The batsman mistimes it and the ball goes to the fielder at Point. Batsmen run. Fielder is alert. He fields it quickly and Sreesanth is ready at the Bowlers end for a throw. Fielder throws it towards the bowlers end and the batsman is found short of his crease. It is a TIE!!

Second time in the history of Twenty20 Internationals and obviously first time in Twenty20 World Cup. For the sake of ignorant ones, a Twenty20 tie match is decided by Bowl-out, in which 5 nominated bowlers from each team are asked to bowl and hit the stumps. The team that hits more number of times wins.

So, The match moves on to a Bowl Out now and guess what, MS Dhoni has surprise for most of the people. Unlike Pakistan, which nominates its 5 main strike bowlers, India decided to chose Sehwag and Uthappa over Ajit Agarkar(the most experienced bowler in Indian team) and RP Singh(strike bowler, known for his line and length). And in fact, nomination of Uthappa came as a big surprise since people have not seen him bowl anytime and nomination of Sehwag was a surprise since he did not have a chance to bowl in the match.

Pakistan won the Bowl-out toss and asks India to bowl first.

Sehwag takes on the first ball. He is smiling. He looks casual as always. When audience is tense with Indian chance to stay in the tournament totally dependent on the bowl out and the bowl out being largely dependent on Sehwag. He bowls a straight slow ball and it hits the stupmps. India scores.
Pakistan tossed the ball towards _____, he came he bowls and he misses by a huge margin. India 1-0.
Harbhajan Singh is the next man..will he or wont he?..And he hits!! India 2.
Umar Gul takes up the ball for Pakistan. He comes with a realtively smaller run up and bowls an almost wide ball!! Surprise all around!! Anyways India is up 2-0.
Pakistanis are tense now..One could notice the pressure Asif was facing.
Without anybody realising that it is India's turn to bowl 3rd time, Robin Uthappa comes and hits the stumps..India gets a huge lead of 3 to 0.
Pakistan needs to hit this time for sure to possibly take it to a draw in bowl-out and Shahid Afridi is the next man!!
And he misses!! INDIA WON THE MATCH

What a match it turned out to be!! Excitements all around.
Watch the videos for the Last over and the Bowl-out.

Last Over

Bowl Out

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