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RGV made mockery of a classic: Sholay Bhature

Kitne aadmi the?
Sardar ek(RGV)...wo ek aur tum karod.. phir bhi torture sah liye.. kya soche the oscar milega..

Having seen the review of AAG at IBNLive, I thought it was probably an exaggeration when Rajeev(watch CNN-IBN review) called it sholay-bhature. Still curious to verify that, watched it to realise that it was probably an understatement-- the movie is even worse than that. More so coz RGV made a mockery of a timeless classic.

To start with, Lets look at the characters he chose:
Nisha Kothari as Ghunghroo to replace Basanti Hema Malini, with his tanga(Dhanno) to be replaced by an auto-rickshaw(____). Add to it the arbit things like naming as per numerology(U seem to be quite advanced Mr.RGV), too much use of "too much", etc. Overall a poor imitation of the character of Basanti.

Some newbie to play the legendary role of Jay Amitabh Bachchan is a stupid idea, any person who even knows who Amitabh Bachchan is would be able to tell. He could not even generate 1% of the aura of Jay. No fake coin to toss with.

People might have expected Ajay Devgan to do some justice to the role of 'Veeru' Dharmendar but 'Hero' equally competed with others. This is what happens when you try to imitate some character which does not suit ur personality. Veeru's live personality could have least matched Ajay Devgan's serious part-gangster kinda image. I pity 'Hero' for trying suicide with gun.

Sushmita Sen had a very serious role, similar to her image in Hindi Cinema, but probably she got deeper into the character than it was required. Her character, in turn, turned out to be dull and boring!!

RGV remembered his friendship of Company days with Telugu actor ___ to cast him now for Thakur Baldev Singh. And he came just to give some far from good (and even far from mediocre) performance. Hands to be replaced by fingers this time..another poor imitation!!

Rajpal Yadav as Chhota Don(Soorma Bhopali of Sholay) also set up a poor show for a change and with no substance in his roles and dialogues, he is not the only one to blame for that.

Thank God there was no Jailor(Angrezon ke zamane ka jailor)

Sholay produced a timeless character in Gabbar Singh and Aag produced an easily forgettable character in Babban Singh. With poor script and worse dialogues, there is very little Amitabh Bachchan could have done here. To add to it, Gabbar was a character close to perfect while Babban has no connection with practicalities. More people know Amjad Khan as Gabbar than by his name but for sure Amitabh would not like to keep these haunting memories with him.

If the selection of characters was not enough, RGV arranged for some pathetic Background score. I dont understand how did he manage to find such a poor background score- more than remake of Sholay it looked like remake of Company.

Before discussing the worst part, I would like to give due credit to Mr. RGV for the only high point in the movie- Item number by Urmila Mantodkar (Mehbooba song). Urmila looked even better than what she looked like in Rangeela. Please to ignore Mr. Amitabh Bachchan's desparate attempts to dance in that and sorry Abhishek Bachchan but just because ur father is in the movie, u dont necessarily have to be in there.

So finally getting to the worst part: Dialogues
Selecting star cast might be called a mistake but selection of script writer was surely a blunder.
None of the charcters in the movie had reasonable dialogues regardless of dialogues being new or adapted from Sholay. Some of the worst lines (adapted or otherwise) are:

  • mujhe lagta hai maine tujhe kahin dekha hai..
    mujhe lagta hai maine tujhe kahin nahin dekha..
    haan to theek hai naa balance sheet barabar ho gayi..

  • ae rajnikant khali hai kya
    nahin peeche khatmalon ki shaadi ho rahi hai..dikhta nahin tere ko
    ae shani driver kidher hai
    tu andha hai ki yeda.. pata nahin kahan kahan se chale aate hain
    tere ko kya lagta hai main yahan pe tere jaise chhokre logon ko entertain karne ke liye baithi hoon..main hi driver hoon
    lekin tum to ladki ho
    ladki auto nahin chala sakti aisa bhagwad gita mein likha hai kya

  • waah ghunghroo kya gadi chalati ho
    tunhari driving ke saamne to yeh mard driver kuchh bhi nahin
    maloom hai kyun?
    kyunki jab se ghar chalane ki zimmedari muhjpe aa gayi hai na tab se auto chala rahi hoon

  • ghunghroo kisi ki madad nahin leti
    lekin ye ghunghroo hai kaun

  • ye to too much ho gaya

  • tu too much nahin tu to 3 much hai

  • maar doonga maar doonga tujhe
    dekh teri dushmani mere saath hai ladki ko jane de
    dam hai to mujhse lad marna hai to mujhe maar

  • kya khati hai ri tu.. sab asli ghee ka
    kahan hai tera wo..tera wo kahan hai

  • tu kya sochta wahan inspector shirt utha ke chhati dikhayega tujhko.. saala thanda na karo to jal hi jata hai
    main wo galti nahin karega jo america iraq ke saath kiya

  • kitne? (for Kitne aadmi the?)

  • tension nahin
    tension nahin lene ka
    ja raha hai

  • choohe billi ke khel mein bada mazaa ata hai
    billi bil mein ja nahin sakti aur chooha andar rehne nahin chahta

Forgot to mention, the dance scene when Gabbar has captured Veeru has been replaced by a rape scene. What a pity!!

As CNN-IBN puts it,RGV makes sholay bhature out of Hindi cinemas most endearing classic. RGV ki Aag is a recipe of disaster.
Unlike Rajeev, I do not have an option of throwing egg on camera so I can only write @#$#%$# RGV.

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