Thursday, October 04, 2007

My first Consulting assignment

I really appreciate the fact that generally I know in advance my priorities. Same was the case when I had applied for clubs @ IIM-C.
I did not want to get into organising things, building Knowledge Management(loosely used for Database updations), etc. and wanted to do some real work. I stated this clearly to the club-recruiters at the time of interviews and was probably the reason that no club had accepted my applications till INCA found me worthy.

Day before yesterday, I went to the organisation "Sundarika Bartika" where I (as a part of team of 4) would be providing consultancy services (another fancy name for helping organisations expand/grow/ solve their problems). It was around 40 K.m.s from the campus and frankly the drive to that place was really painful, with potholes of different shapes and sizes covering around 40% of the road. But the excitement of being involved with something big (not organisationwise but rolewise) was enough to keep me focussed.
We were received pretty nicely. Although we were on time, the founder of the organisation was waiting for us. The treatment we received there cannot be explained in words. We were treated as experts in every field, especially the one that was discussed and I must confess that I had no clue of the topic under discussion for more than half of the discussion. At times, he talked of certain personalities and expected us to know all about them, when both of us were sitting wondering whether we have heard the name or not. I remember 'rephrasing his words and telling that as answer to him' had to be done a number of times.

I must also confess that although it was good to have such a recognition and respect, I felt guilty at times. A person who is running an organisation for past 25 years is treating me as if I am his boss!! Sounds good but is intimidating at times.

Anyways I think it qualifies well as an experience to cherish and I am proud of having made correct decision of being choosy w.r.t. joining clubs

Since the time I visited the organisation, I only have one question bothering me...Do I really deserve so much respect? Lets see, time will surely provide an answer.

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