Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Have you ever realised how loosely this word is being used in today's environment? I think you should do this. I think you should not do that. I think this might have happened. I think you think. So what were you thinking? What do you think about it? And for that matter IBM claims its pads to be thinking(ThinkPad) as well.
How much do we actually think? and how much do we claim it?
Anyways that was just a passing thought. I saw this funny (or rather sarcastic) Fedex advertisement a few back, where this MBA guy has just joined the company and a lady comes to him on the first day to get something done. She takes him to a terminal and says that he needs to do some admin-staff work but it is all very simple. The guy resists back saying. "I am an MBA" and the lady looks a bit worried commenting, "Ohh! you have an MBA, in that case I have to show you how to do it.".
The message is loud and clear- "FedEx.com makes shipping so fast and easy- even an MBA can do it"

I think this is not something to laugh at but is a warning to act before it gets too late.

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