Sunday, October 07, 2007

Will luck ever start favouring me?

I dont know why is it so but it has been always like this. The luck factor, which goes in favour of so many at so many times, doesn't seem to have a very good relation with me. If it happens just once or twice, it is fine but why the h*ll always!
The last time I remember I rode high on luck was more than 3 years back when I survived after an accident with oil tanker on National Highway 2. Since then, it has been a long run of bad luck. I thought it might end sometime soon but that has not happened yet.
I dont know how to vent this frustration out coz even venting out frustration has had some serious implications on me at times!
Avoiding to write the circumstances that led me to write this, I conclude it wishing the situation to improve soon but again that would be really very optimistic of me.

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