Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big guns fail to deliver again: OSO, Saawariya take a hit

Nothing new with this but I fail to understand why are these producers/ directors considered top shots.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who brought a new dimension to Indian Cinema with Amitabh Bachchan-Rani Mukherjee starer Black and revived memories of old Devdas with his version of Devdas, failed miserbaly to deliver this time.
Farah Khan, made a dream debut with entertainment movie "Main Hoon Na" but seems like she used up all the masala in her first movie. Om Shanti Om, is terribly tasteless.

Saawariya: (Rating at the end)
Following the tested funda of narrator, movie starts with Gulabji(Rani Mukherjee) telling the story of true love although she sells false love every night(being a call-girl by profession). The movie is about Raj,a singer (who God or may be SLB knows does what to survive-had a job of singer at bar which he left for Sakina) and Sakina, who still lives in ancient era and waited for over a year for a person she had met for a few hours. Don't get surprised, there are a lot more elements like this in the movie. The movie marks a debut for two new Kapoors in the industry, Ranbir Kapoor, grandson on Raj Kapoor and son of Rishi Kapoor, played Raj while Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor, played Sakina. Sonam is beautiful but failed miserably to make an impact with her acting. Ranbir looks cute (Handsome or not..subjective!) and I would advise him to take some inspiration from Shahid, who started of in a similar fashion with Ishq vishq and then made a image makeover with his subsequent movies and definitely avoid becoming another Sonu Nigam(wrt acting). In such a role, it is difficult to comment on acting skills, although he looked pretty natural in most of the frames.
OK. So the story goes as: Sakina goes daily to a small bridge in the area to see if her love, Imaam (played by Salman Khan), is back to take her. On one such night, Raj met her and fell in love with her (I thought this was a thing of past!) She also felt good in his company and and made friends with him. The next night, she tells him about Imaam. (I dont understand this as well. She tells a stranger about her love life in second meeting itself!!). Our hero is hurt but after listening to the complete story makes a ridicule of the girl for she fell in love with Mr. Imaam in just a meeting or two, who then left her without even telling about his whereabouts and when, if at all, he will come back?!. She asks Raj to help her find Imaam and the ship(movie) sinks further.
Finally when she is all set to get along with Raj forgetting Imaam, Imaam reappears. She goes to Imaam. He proposes, she accepts and movie ends.!
Add further to this 'jhelao' story line the fact that no 10 mins of movie go without a song. Too much of trying audience patience!!

Om Shanti Om:(Rating at the end)
Rishi Kapoor did wonders with Karz 30 years back but the concept of something from this and something from that killed this movie. Farah Khan gave an impression from her debut that probably she knew the recipe of making a good masala entertainer but this time she disappointed as this time, it was all disproportionate. OSO features a story line which probably is a mixture made from a dozen movies or so.
SRK is a junior artist, so is his mother(Kiron Kher) and so was his late father. He had ambitions to become a star and his friend suggested him change his name from Om Prakash Makhija to Om Kapoor, making ridicule of 'Makhija' (as Makhi-ja). [ I do not understand why is not there any protests against this and in fact, even not being Makhija, felt it as like a ridicule on an ethnic group.] He is also in love with a star ShantiPriya(Deepika Padukone), who is secretly married to the producer "Mukesh Mehra", played by Arjun Rampal. Mukesh Mehra was planning his next movie as the biggest movie ever and had the sets ready for the movie but since ShantiPriya tells her that she is pregnant with her child, he planned to get rid of her. She took her to show the sets of this new movie titled Om Shanti Om and set the sets on fire and locked her in. Om saw it all. He tries to save her life but lost his life as well. He takes a re-birth as child of one of the most successful heroes in the industry and goes on to become a hero himself. During shooting of a movie, he starts getting memories of his past life back. He also happened to visit the sets of Om Shanti Om and that brought back all the memories from his past life. He decided to take revenge from Mukesh Mehra and found Sandy who looked exactly like ShantiPriya. He planned some mind games for Mukesh and succeeded significantly till Mukesh finds out that this girl was alive and not a ghost or something. Om threatened Mukesh but Mukesh had realisation that nobody will believe the incarnation story of Om Kapoor and the ghost of ShantiPriya appears and killed Mukesh Mehra at exactly the same spot where whe was buried. The movie ends!
There were still a few good points in the movie like the dressing sense, styles, sets, language etc looked contemporary to correct periods. SRK showed that he can act as well (Yes you read it right..he acted well this time and showed some diversity in his acting this time).

He died in the movie and that suggests the movie should make good business but I have a feeling that his lucky charm might not work this time.

OSO gets 1.5 stars

Why to watch?:
Consistency in styles as per time
SRK finally acted!

Why not to watch?:
No entertainment with no storyline
You watch almost the same twice (Post-interval =Pre-interval after 30 years)
Read the above post, if you haven't

Saawariya gets 1 star
Why to watch?:
Melodious songs
Cute Hero, Beautiful Heroine

Why not to watch?:
No storyline at all
Melodious songs! (The frequency makes it very frustrating)
Drags are there
Rani Mukherjee and Salman Khan both wasted!!

So overall a poor week for Bollywood and for cinema lovers. Do not bother your pockets for any.

BTW my placements start tomorrow morning 7:30 a.m. and I have been writing this for now over 2 hours since 10:00 p.m. Definitely a stupid time to do this but anyways this is who I am! :)


Anonymous said...

Just landed on your blog while browsing...why are both movies compared?

These are totally different! Its just these are released on same day.

AbhiTaneja said...

it shud b clear just from the introduction of the post itself..

they were compared coz
1. released on same date
2. both farah khan and sanjay bhansali are renowned and reputed
3. both the movies fail to impress miserably

And for that matter, the title "Big guns fail to deliver again" is self-answering ur concern.

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