Monday, November 12, 2007

Green Park turns Blue!

Today Kanpur's Green Park hosted 3rd ODI of ongoing India-Pakistan series but the Park was not the same as it has always been. The Green Park was found Blue today.
Not very difficult to understand the reasons with Bahujan Samaj Party being the ruling party and with a colour theme of Blue.
This I would say is very cheap ( as in cheap mentality) and is something that bothers citizens like me a lot. This is how the tax I pay is being spent!! What a pity!
They have rules prohibiting election campaigning in election days..what about these days? Aint it a simple case of Office of Profit? Why doesnt IT department asks about finances for this expense? If it is public money and is coming from share of Sports, is it really what it is meant for?

Anyways the bottomline is that I am reconsidering whether or not should I pay taxes!!

Here is a professional news item: (No point rewriting)

Kanpur Green Park stadium painted BSP blue

Kanpur's Green Park stadium, the venue for the third India-Pakistan One-Day International, has been virtually given a blue hue - clearly resembling the official colour of Uttar Pradesh's ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

No wonder everyone seems to attribute it to the proposed visit of Chief Minister Mayawati, who is to give away the prizes at the end of the match Sunday.

The painting began shortly after Mayawati consented to being chief guest at the event.

What followed was incredible. Officials from the chief minister's secretariat personally monitored the large-scale renovation by the state government to give the place a face-lift.

It started with refurbishing of the VVIP pavilion and the special enclosure for the chief minister but later large parts of the giant stadium were also painted entirely in blue.

The manner in which the colour has been used shows that care has been taken to ensure that right from her entry into the venue, Mayawati gets a total 'blue view'.

All entry gates are draped or painted in blue and all chairs in different enclosures visible from the VVIP pavilion have also been painted the same colour.

Even road-dividers in the city have been painted blue.

No one is however willing to divulge as to how much money has been pumped into re-doing the stadium, which otherwise has often suffered gross neglect.

Unofficial reports estimated the expenditure to be around several million rupees.

The chief minister is scheduled to spend just about 30 minutes at the felicitation function.

Top aides of Mayawati have made at least 17 trips from Lucknow to Kanpur to personally supervise the face-lift of the VVIP pavilion.

Unprecedented security arrangements have been made in and around the venue, particularly between the police lines where Mayawati's helicopter would land, and the Green Park stadium.

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