Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Again, the same time of year

It is again the same time of the year when some cannot express their happiness while some cannot express their discontent. Everybody is tense..no matter happy or sad.
Yes it is the CAT results again!!

First of all hearty congratulations to all those who cleared the first hurdle. Now if you think that tough times are over, sympathies for you are there as well. Getting through CAT is the easiest and it only gets tough from here. You had 7-8 months to prepare for CAT, you will have less than 2 months to prepare for GD/PI. You had a course outline for CAT, sky is the limit for GK. You improved your quanty skills in a few months, now improve your verbal skills in a few days!

My purpose is not to scare you out of this GD/PI process but to prevent you from getting smug. It is not uncommon that people kill their chances by thinking, "i have 6 calls..i am not that bad a person..kahin na kahin to ho hi jayega". What you need to realise is that those 5 or 6(or whatever) calls you have, they are independent of each other, each of which requires a decent amount of effort to be put in. You have got a really good opportunity with this and I do not want you to let go this opportunity like that.

Now our friends who could not make it through this time:
I do not sympathize with you because you do not need any sympathies. You have got another opportunity to think whether or not you want to do an MBA. It is not that MBA is good for all. Some people are just meant for MBA some are not. Try to find out what you want to do exactly in life and then see if MBA happens to be in line. All those who got calls, do not have that option to think now. You are lucky at least in that aspect. I am not saying these for the sake of saying. I actually mean it. This might sound like yet another consoling message but believe me it is not. The very fact that you have not lost anything at all makes the word consoling more than redundant.
It is that time of the year...that time of your life, when you set your goals right..when you know what you want to do. Just know it and do it.
Never ever do an act coz someone else is doing it. Do it coz you want to do it, even when no one else is willing to do that.

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