Saturday, January 26, 2008

A happening time for sports


They say Cricket anishchittaon ka khel hai(Cricket is a game of uncertainity). It proved itself correct when the on-field drama got dragged off-field after Sydney test. The umpires were asked to leave the series in between and different umpires were called for rest of the series. Steve Bucknor described it as an unfortunate event and was disappointed for being sent back for just making 2 errors when there were 11 appeals. (Mind you, he gave 12 wrong decisions in the Sydney test – all against Indians).

Umpires consult Ricky Ponting for giving a decision.

Third Umpire gives wrong decision(obviously in favour of Australia)- The batsman(Andrew Symonds) is clearly out of crease and the third umpire presses Green Button.

Then India surprised the Aussies on their favourite ground, Adellaide with an impressive win.

India announced its cricket team for upcoming triangular series, with Australia and Sri Lanka, with no Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid in the side. BCCI said the captain was given the team he wanted. Mahendra Singh Dhoni cites fielding to be the reason for dropping out Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid! (I never knew Rahul Dravid was a poor fielder). I am not particularly a fan of Saurav Ganguly but when he plays well, you cant help but appreciate him and I can claim without a hesitancy that Saurav has performed reasonably well since he made his comeback. He has proved himself time to time and showing him the way out when he is gaining back his form doesn't make any sense to me. Similarly for Rahul Dravid. He gave up captaincy even though he was doing pretty good, then he lost his form completely. The player who is synonymous for wall was finding it difficult even to keep his wicket. You drop him at that point of time, it looks fair but just when the person gets back his form, you ask him to leave- doesn't make sense at all.

Sreesanth makes a comeback. Before leaving for the tour makes a media statement, "Aussies should be worried I am coming", I remember last time Zaheer Khan did similar thing in World Cup (before final) and had to pay a heavy price as it took him about a year to gain back his form and place in the team.

Kumble again proving his utility with bat as well by scoring 87 in the first innings of 4th test match against Australia. Sachin gets another century in the series and reaching 150+ this time.



Australian Open Mens Semifinal 1: Tsongo surprised everyone by defeating World number 2 Rafael Nadal in straight sets. Tsongo is just 22 years old and in playing his first grand slam tournament.

But Djokovik had bigger surprises in mind.. He thrashed world number 1 "Roger Federer" in straight sets!! Something I don't recall for happening in near past.

Lets see what happens in Womens final, which is scheduled to start in a few hours, while the mens final promises some high quality Tennis and huge excitementson Sunday.


Add to that, IIM-C team is going to XLRI next week for sports meet.

So overall, a happening period for sports this is.


scapt said...

You are quite right about Bucknor. I guess if someone makes out a graphical representations after some research of how many wrong decisions have been made while doggedly resisting technological help like the third umpire's input, one can make out a case for the whole world to see whether there is some 'bias' apparent in the 'mistakes'. Why not let these veterans officiate veteran's matches? ICC could continue to pay them their bakshish and the sport would not suffer.
Continuing on the affair, there was news yesterday that in Procter's report he had indicated that:
1. He was fully satisfied that Bhajji had either uttered monkey or big monkey and the other accusers had corroborated that. (Now if he used this as evidence of guilt, he should have establihed what was said rather than either this or that and then why did he not talk about stump microphone pick up- (The other day Ek Aur Karega was picked up so clearly).
2. Again he made this strange comment about the alleged statement that whatever was said before or after the utterance was irrelevent (and perhaps not considered so that one could not claim retaliation, I guess)
3. In making up his mind however, he used a logic that the two had a history (of past skirmishes)and had no qualms to use that history in making up his mind; thus going against his earlier logic of seeing the incident in complete isolation.
So what was Mr. Procter upto? Is it to provoke an extreme reaction?.....I think it was what a Proctologist has to do basically (uska ato naam bhi vaisa hi hai); Hindi slang has the right phrase for it.....

AbhiTaneja said...

And thts y the new rules for 2008 are there.. [:P]

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