Saturday, January 19, 2008


published this post from mobile.

As it always happens in exam days - the time when usually everybody is found studying - except a few (including me), who can still be found wasting time somewhere or other. So here is what I wasted my time with today - was listening to songs on mobile(I like Sony Ericsson headphones so much that I, sometimes, listen to songs on mobile despite of that dummy 14" screen being still there) - having worked with mobiles for so long(worked as developer for mobile solutions for about a year), i felt like doing something with mobile - "but what?" was the question- so just started browsing- happened to make a Google search on my name (donno why i did tht!) - found this pic of mine - so just downloaded it (wasted a few bucks(GPRS charges) for nothing, although had this image on my laptop so could have transferred it for free) - anyways now I have the pic so what do I do now - waste another buck or two by posting it on blog- and then created this blog and posted it from my mobile - actually making the 14" more dummy (except that this editing could not have been done without qwerty keys).

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