Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My VisualDNA

My Visual DNA:

The Personality Analysis can be read at this link.
The summary goes like:
Mood: Dreamer
Fun: Conqueror
Habits: Junkie Monkey (???)
Love: Home Soul

Analysis of My Wishes by Visual DNA: (Also available at link)
I'd like to see when Adam met Eve and it all hung out. Ideally, I'd wake up early on a ranch where the horses run free in the fields and the mountain air is pure, and later, when the fancy takes me, stroll out to the best golf-course in the world, which I'd own; If I thought about it, I really need somewhere U can go and laugh at everything, and no one will think I'm in the slightest bit mad, and sometimes I wish I could be super-fit and be first to reach the finish-line in the 100m sprint. I'd like to make any plant flourish in any landscape, however derelict and however poisoned it may be, and it would be amazing to see planet earth from somewhere else, hanging in the stars maybe. Pet? I'm not sure I want to live with one at all. Finally, I'd like to have a party just for two, just on our own, and maybe I'd invite along a friend I haven't yet met.

Interesting Indeed!

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