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Preparation for GD/PI - Tips (1)


You have taken the first step but the winner is one who walks till the last step.

Are you a winner?

What makes a winner?
It is simple. A winner is one who has a good aptitude (and can adopt according to situations), who has a firm determination, who has a good luck and very importantly he/she has access to more resources than others.

People might ridicule but this is what is the fact of life. You need to be more resourceful to succeed in this world. Talent takes you till certain points..from there it is you and your chances. (These chances come from luck and resourcefulness, so do not undermine this important aspect)

Anyways that was just a passing thought...might be useful for many of you but the real motive of this post is to help you with some GD/PI prep tips.
First, I claim no expertise in this but having gone through a number of GD/PI (s), I can talk a bit from my experience.

Personal Interview:
Why do they take personal interviews?
First and foremost it is important to understand the basic purpose of an interview. Interviews are conducted to get to know you - this is what you must have heard a number of times - but this is actually only half part of the story. Interviews are conducted to get to know you and to see how well does the person matches with the requirements of the organisation (in this case IIMs) and to see the potential benefits that the organisation would have if the person is selected. IIMs conduct GD/PI also to check whether the person can sustain the academic pressure and rigour of a B-School.
And believe me, expectation levels are very high. All of you are expected to be achievers and these things will get more clear to you when you join any of the top 3 B-schools in the country (IIM- A,C,B).

IIMs expect a person to be academically oriented with very strong extra-curricular achievements and having held significant Positions of Responsibilities. In simpler language that should sound like scoring 90% in Boards, CPI equivalent to 80% in Graduation(preferably from IIT), a few international publications, Played a few sports at national level, Won a few competitions at national level, President of your college council and played Captain atleast a few times.

If that scares you, it is fine. But that is just a set of expectations and nothing can be done about it but what can be done about is to get to know yourself well. Believe me, all of us have done something or else in life which can makes us stand out in the crowd. We generally ignore those things thinking those to be trivial but any achievement that you have had till now could turn things in your favour(You never know). The idea is to get as close to those expectations level as we can get.

Examples of a few trivial (as you thought) yet important achievements:
  1. You stood among top Three in class in your school in classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.. (So what!!) -- Consistently stood among Top Three for Nine consecutive years (Now what do you think)
  2. You initiated some club in your college (Yeah thats fine..I did it coz I liked doing it) -- Founder Member, xyz club @ xyz college (Why not take some credit for things you have done)
  3. ...
  4. ..
The above two examples are just two symbolic examples..there can be many more cases like this and with variety of types.
My suggestion - Collect all your certificates first..compile a list..Send over the list to a few knowledgeable people and let them decide which all points should and should not be there.


Now this is very important. I don't know how many people would actually be knowing why do they want to do an MBA. I can say this without any disclaimers that majority of the people out there preparing for GD/PI (s) would say MONEY!! If that is your reason, it is fine but what would you like to do?
You people are gonna be managers and if you are so short-sighted, I have my doubts on a lot of things.
Get in touch with some of your friends, your seniors, your acquaintances who are doing MBA/who have done MBA and get to know the profiles on offer. Then, do some proper study to get an unbiased view of that. Evaluate all the options and decide which one you would like to go for. "Why?" would follow by itself.
You will be asked this question in almost all the forms and in almost all the interviews. This answer believe me is very important for you to get through Interview Process.

Draft your answer and again get in touch with knowledgeable people to review those answers. 5-6 revisions should make if an ok-types answer.

The next step is to Prepare Content - To be posted in Next Post -Tips (2).


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