Sunday, June 29, 2008

Arbit ramblings

People get frustrated irritated agitated in high pressure high workload but today I am really frustrated and irritated coz I have nothing to do at all.


I was extremely busy till a day back when I was dealing with Lenovo with regards to laptop bulk deal, was highly involved in IT (something which cannot be mentioned on public forum for certain protocol issues) and had a part of my attention focussed on another thing (which again cannot be mentioned but for personal reasons) and here I am today- total Vella- nothing to do at all.
Company dealing not yet over completely but kind of over - The $1 billion deal is almost through.
IT(second point mentioned above) is over and efforts in that (third point mentioned above) seem futile.

O man! I was so addicted to high workload high pressure - something to keep me busy all the time and here I am feeling totally lost today!

So what should I do now??
Probably could have called someone but these f**king Airtel guys have barred outgoing calls on my phone.
I have been trying to watch movies to keep myself engaged but that again seems useless as none of the 5 movies I tried watching since this morning could run for more than 10 mins.
Party - Not really in a mood for that. No booze today.

I think just hanging around in the city might just be a good idea so the search for someone to go out with begins now..

Thursday, June 19, 2008


My sincere apology to all the readers for not having updated blog for so long.
I have had enough content to write and frankly, happenings in my life have been more than interesting in past 2 months but due to insufficient connectivity, busy schedules and my laziness, I could not update you on any of those. Those staying with me all this time have seen all that and would probably agree with me.

Anyways, I would be active in a few days time now. I will try to put censored versions of all those happenings and other arbit stuff.

Thanks for your patience etc etc

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