Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock On!

Yet another brilliant song!
[Song from Movie: Rock On(2008)]

Rock On! - Hai ye waqt ka ishara..

Farhan Akhtar ventures into the domain of acting and singing as well with the movie and frankly, he is not that bad a singer as I had thought of [:)]

Javed Akhtar once again proved his expertise in writing songs..A song well written.. true to the spirit of the theme..The perfect mix of energy and fun in the music and proper justice to the song by Farhan Akhtar and here we have a treat for our ears, minds and souls.

Beautiful lyrics..Apt music..Well sung
Incredible song!

Dil kya kehta hai mera..
Kya main bataoon
Tum ye samjhoge shaayad..
Main pagal hoon

Dil kya kehta hai mera..
Kya main bataoon
Tum ye samjhoge shaayad..
Main pagal hoon

Dil karta hai TV tower pe..
Main chad jaoon
Chilla chilla ke main ye..
Sabse kehdoon

Rock on!!
Hai ye waqt ka ishaara..
Rock on!!
Har lamha pukaara..
Rock on!!
Yuheen dekhta hai kya tu..
Rock on!!
Zindagi millegi na dubaara…

Dil karta hai sadkon par zor se gaoon..
Sab apne apne ghar ki khidki kholen..
Phir main aise josheelay geet sunaoon..
Mere geeton ko sunke sab ye bolen..

Rock on!!
Hai ye waqt ka ishaara..
Rock on!!
Har lamha pukaara..
Rock on!!
Yuheen dekhta hai kya tu..
Rock on!!
Zindagi millegi na dubaara…

Jaise jeene ko dil chahe.. jee waise tu
Meri toh hai bas ye raaye ki..
Apne jitne bhi armaan hain poore karle tu

Rock on!!
Hai ye waqt ka ishaara..
Rock on!!
Har lamha pukaara..
Rock on!!
Yuheen dekhta hai kya tu..
Rock on!!
Zindagi millegi na dubaara…

Rock on!!
Hai ye waqt ka ishaara..
Rock on!!
Har lamha pukaara..
Rock on!!
Yuheen dekhta hai kya tu..
Rock on!!
Zindagi millegi na dubaara…

Monday, July 28, 2008

Disappointment strikes yet again!

Well the disappointment strikes yet again..
After enjoying a Google Rank of 3 for over 3 months, today I was shocked to see the Google Rank Button showing a 0 for this space..Not that I care about that but still it looks gud to have higher page rank..

Anyways it doesnt matter..
Abhi's space remains Abhi's space
I remain I

Friday, July 25, 2008

100 Billion Dollars

What would you do if you have 100bn Dollars?
"I will buy a loaf of bread"
Surprised? or does it look stupid?
Well it is not if you are in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Govt. has recently introduced a Z$100bn note in response to surprising 2,200,000% inflation. It must be noted over here that Zimbabwe had introduced a Z$10mn note early this year and then Z$50mn three months after that.
Although the number 100billion in itself looks huge but the amount is meagerly enough to buy a loaf of bread or to travel a few kilometers. As per a statement quoted on BBC News, the amount is less than one fifth of what is required to meet daily expenses.

Amongst so many surprises, it really is not very surprising to note that the worth of Z$100bn is just a few US Dollars!

Well actually all this reminds me of the "MoneyKumar" comic strip released by Reserve Bank of India to spread basic awareness about the money market dynamics and how adjusting various factors could impact economy in positive or negative manner. Zimbabwe once used to be one of the richest states in Africa but the condition today is terrible (with inflation figure in 7 digits).
I dont know why it happened and why their monetary and fiscal regulatory bodies could not handle it. I will try to explore that and then may be another post will be dedicated to the unbelievable stunt by Zimbabwaen economy.

Note: News link at BBC

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Century Scored

It is said that the most difficult time to bat is when you are at 99. Every batsmen strive to get that extra run. Even the feeling of scoring that single off the next ball is enough to keep you on the toes. The Feeling, The Excitement, The Pleasure on reaching the third digit number is unexplainable - You have got to feel it.

Well with that background, I feel extremely delighted to announce that

It has been a long time and frankly I never realised that I could reach the 100 post mark so fast. I strated this blog in April or May of 2005 but became active only in April of 2007. Last 14 months have seen me writing all kind of arbit stuff over here.. At times I made some sense.. at times it was all senseless.

Just to take you through the timeline once:
April 2005:
Created login and posted a "Coming Soon" post

September 2005:

First Post - An interesting article "God and Me"

April 2007:

First self written Post - written out of sheer frustration on 20th April while waiting for CAT results

April 2007:

Used this space to vent out my frustration

May 2007:

Moved on to better topics (with Zoo and Awesome Pathetic being my favourites) :P

July 2007:

"June mein hum Joka aaye" - IIM Calcutta, MBA added to the topics

August 2007:

was nostalgic for various unknown reasons!!

September 2007:

Arbitgiri, Gyaan started pouring in on the blog. Movies, Cricket and a lot more.

October 2007 - December 2007:
Movies got into mainstream.
Foundation of Cinema Garage.
Major aesthetic changes. [:-)]

Wrote the all time hit post "Enlightenment by Prof. Sunil Handa"

January 2008:
New Year arrived and Gyaan poured in like anything

February - June 2008:

Busy with Summer Internship.. could not write anything despite of having a lot to write

July 2008:

Marked the comeback with this being the 7th post and another 2 on hold!

Wow! These numbers looks really good
14 months
100 Posts (including 15 Private posts)
5600+ Page views
2800+ visitors
260+ hours of Total Page viewing!

Approx. pageviews per day = 5620/420 = 13.38
Average Pageviews per post = 5620/88 = 63.86

And as you might be aware of- I never publicised the link through any channels! Whooa.. wondering what would have been the case had I promoted it ever.. :)

Thanks to all the readers for visiting Abhi's Space.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Congrats to me

I am surprised!

I was just browsing through the navigation of visitors on this blog and to my surprise there were repeated visits with Google search on "Sunil Handa", "Mahesh Murthy" and "Duniya ka naara". Apparently the post on Sunil Handa's visit to IIM Calcutta also happens to be the most popular post on the blog. While I was still wondering about the reasons and all, a Google search on "Sunil Handa" revealed the secret.
Try it yourself. Go to www.google.co.in. Type Sunil Handa (with quotes or without quotes) and hit Search button.
Do a similar exercise for "Duniya ka naara" and "Mahesh Murthy" and see the results.
Abhi's Space is the FIRST result on Google Web Search for Sunil Handa and Duniya ka naara while it appeared on second page for search string Mahesh Murthy. (See attached screenshots)

Not to forget the FIRST page(and first result) appearances for various search strings on Google Blog Search, which apparently looks insignificant compared to this current finding. Other prominent visits through Google search come from search strings related to CAT GD-PI preparation (where again Google Web search honours me by keeping the blog on first page)

SS1: Web Search result for "Sunil Handa"

SS2: Google Web search result for "Duniya ka naara"

SS3: Google Web search result for "Mahesh Murthy"

Of these three, the fact that Abhi's Space is first result on searching Duniya ka naara excites me most. Reason: With a large number of websites dedicated to Bollywood movies (including professional websites for Music reviews, Music downloads, Movie reviews etc. and not to forget Youtube), it was beyond my imagination to have thought of a result ranking above them. Realty is larger than Imagination here. I am impressed!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sports diary- Sunday Jun 6,2008

Green is not always Grass..It can be clay!

OK I know that is a stupid statement but this is what can be said after the 4hr 25min long battle between the two greats of present time - Roger Federer (Champion on Grass & ATP Rank 1) v/s Rafael Nadal (Champion on Clay ATP Rank2). There was hardly anything more to expect of the Wimbledon final when the stage was set for match between the two champions but then the match showed why exactly was this an ideal stage for the Wimbledon final.
With both these players on the court, it was never easy to chose a winner. People supported one over other for sheer favouritism and then there were people like me, who had to take a random pick to chose the player to support. Most of the choices were made randomly.
Looking at the relatively poor show by Feddie in first two sets, I decided to be on Rafa's side for this match and finally he proved me right.

After having lost first two sets, it was getting really tough for Feddie to make a comeback but then he is known to be a fighter and it seems rain interruption also helped him get his rhythm back. Feddie came back strongly after the rains and it was a tough fight between the two legends. Feddie appeared to be in good touch but Nadal showed good resistance and the third set went into a tie-breaker. Feddie came back strongly and won the tie-breaker at 5. Fourth set was no different- Feddie broke Rafa's service in the very next game after Rafa broke his and this set also moved into a tie-breaker. Feddie again clinched the tie-breaker making the game to move into fifth set. The scores were- 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6.
The game doesnt get better than this- The two players were neck to neck in the fifth set, with no one able to break other person's serve. All they needed was to break other's serve once and save his next one. There were no signs of either of two giving up before Rafa broke Feddie in 15th game of 5th set indicating some prospects of game ending soon.

Anyways I am bored of writing this stuff.. I dont know why the hell I am writing this but anyways, the game was definitely interesting and deserved a post on My Space (but this boring! I did not anticipate that)

Also not to forget, Ferrari drivers disappointed in British GP while Indian cricketers repeated the history by failing in the final after putting a good show in league matches.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Thodi Game-Theory Thoda Magic (2008)

Oh My Goodness!
Now what the hell is this?

Even after having seen one of these movies, I had no clue that these were two different movies altogether. I saw the name different at two places and neglected that for a possible typo but after having seen the movie and when I could not find any of the songs, I was confused. A basic search on Google revealed something that made me jump out of my chair!!

Jun 27, 2008 - Two new movies were released.
One from Yash Raj Films - Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (TPTM)
and the other one from director Anand Rai - Thodi Life Thoda Magic (TLTM)

Should I call this a case of game theory in practice?
Consider the scenario: Two directors have decided upon the name of their movies as TPTM and TLTM and conflict regarding who came up with the name could not be resolved. Now the next issue in context is obviously the advertisements, promotions and the release date of the movie.

YRF being the bigger banner could get a larger share in the media and the other group did not contest it much (Not a dominant strategy for unknown banner to spend high on advertisements). So the more important factor here comes out to be release date.

Consider the case when Movie 1 comes before Movie 2. The name of these movies is so much similar that the second movie would be lost in the identity of the first one. If the first one is a success, it could draw some public or alternatively could lose market since people might confuse it for the first one, which they have already seen. On the other hand, if the first one is a flop, then there would be hardly any public knowing about the second one and it would pay for the sins of other one. So the payoff matrix if we see comes out to be negative if you move late, positive if you move first and unpredictable if you move along.
As a result, both the players would try to move before the other player but since it is like a game of simultaneous move where all the information is shared between the two players, second player would know as soon as first player tries to release it. This would lead to a further early move from the second player.

Clearly the dominant strategy for both the players comes when they move along, i.e. release the movie together, which is exactly what they did to avoid heavy negative payoffs involved with late release.

How much did it pay for each of the players and what is the effect of others performance on each movie would be known only by the end of this week or may be by the next week but in any case, it is really confusing and misguiding for the moviegoers. Moviegoers will have tough time in deciding which of the magic they want to see - Life or Love is the choice!

Yash Raj Films & 7 unanimous "Yes"

Will Yash Raj cast Saif Ali Khan in their next film?

Will Yash Raj cast Rani Mukherjee in their next film?

Will next Yash Raj Films(YRF) movie be on the same theme (+-5%)?

Will next YRF movie have a semi-nude/sex scene or an item song with Saif in it?

Will next YRF movie again project Saif as a rich person?

Will Saif Ali Khan use same outfit in the next movie?

Will next YRF movie still be a hit?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

They proved me wrong

Just a few days back, I thought it was almost over. I was almost free but then they again proved me wrong!

I do not know in detail about a lot of companies but I feel there are not many companies as poorly managed as Lenovo India - a company where people at senior levels back off their words without any signs of shame - where ethics is just another fancy word to be used in some of the company meetings for junior staff - where the idea of selling is just to get the client hooked once and then he may regret that for years. Now I am writing all this based on my experience with the company. The company may object to this content on grounds of defaming them but this is all what I can say after having seen their attitude in last few days/weeks.

The laptop delivery (for IIM Bulk deal) scheduled in third week of June has not yet been made and there are hardly any signs suggesting that to happen in next few days. Regarding the status of shipment, one could draw an analogy to Indian Railways. Every day it got delayed by further two days and the current date I have been informed is still six days away. Mind you the original mutually agreed date of delivery has passed 12 days back! Also to note that the order was placed 40 days (~6weeks back)

I dont remember having been in so much pressure and tension in a while. Although last few days at summer internship were also trying but still these few days have been much more pain. And the worst part is that there is nothing much I can do!

Anyways this post has helped me vent out some of that frustration and hopefully I can manage to read the case for tomorrow's class now.

but Pappu cant dance saala!

Before I start - This post is NOT about the song from the movie "Jaane tu ya jaane na"
I would classify this post as a very strange and stupid post.
Stupid - for I am making a fool of myself by making this public
Strange - coz I am doing it knowingly

Anyways who the hell cares! [:)]

The post is about my stupidity and related to the fact that you have already guessed by now - I do not know how to dance [:-P]. It was the Freshers party at the campus and I was dancing to the tunes of JBS (making full use of crowd to remain unnoticed). Just happened to get into a girls group. They knew me and I knew them so no issues as such but then I cant dance properly. I can dance only when there is enough crowd to make my stupid dance go unnoticed. Anyways we started to dance and the girl was feeling kind of embarrassed (Predictable!). It was not difficult to make that out by looking at her face. I commented, "I do not know how to dance" and the response was prompt, "Yeah you really dont know that" [:D]. Her friend (who was dancing with her earlier) came and asked me to stop hitting on her [:O] Now that was strange as I had no intentions like that at all [:)]. Anyways I parted from the group but could not resist laughing at it and mentioning it over here. It has already been a week since then but I just cant let this incident go off my mind. [:P]
(This is just an excerpt from the incident but enough to make fun of myself [:-P])

BTW on a serious note...was I hitting on her? [:D] No way! I cannot spare(or rather waste) either of the two things a girl would demand - Time and money.
O man! that incident was so much fun.

No offensive replies plz. Offensive comments would be deleted [;)]
Name of both the girls not disclosed knowingly as they might not feel comfortable with that. People to keep that in mind before writing comments, if any.
And yeah! sorry for so many smileys but that incident was so much fun that could not resist adding smileys to it. Sometimes some situations could get so funny [:)]

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