Thursday, July 03, 2008

but Pappu cant dance saala!

Before I start - This post is NOT about the song from the movie "Jaane tu ya jaane na"
I would classify this post as a very strange and stupid post.
Stupid - for I am making a fool of myself by making this public
Strange - coz I am doing it knowingly

Anyways who the hell cares! [:)]

The post is about my stupidity and related to the fact that you have already guessed by now - I do not know how to dance [:-P]. It was the Freshers party at the campus and I was dancing to the tunes of JBS (making full use of crowd to remain unnoticed). Just happened to get into a girls group. They knew me and I knew them so no issues as such but then I cant dance properly. I can dance only when there is enough crowd to make my stupid dance go unnoticed. Anyways we started to dance and the girl was feeling kind of embarrassed (Predictable!). It was not difficult to make that out by looking at her face. I commented, "I do not know how to dance" and the response was prompt, "Yeah you really dont know that" [:D]. Her friend (who was dancing with her earlier) came and asked me to stop hitting on her [:O] Now that was strange as I had no intentions like that at all [:)]. Anyways I parted from the group but could not resist laughing at it and mentioning it over here. It has already been a week since then but I just cant let this incident go off my mind. [:P]
(This is just an excerpt from the incident but enough to make fun of myself [:-P])

BTW on a serious note...was I hitting on her? [:D] No way! I cannot spare(or rather waste) either of the two things a girl would demand - Time and money.
O man! that incident was so much fun.

No offensive replies plz. Offensive comments would be deleted [;)]
Name of both the girls not disclosed knowingly as they might not feel comfortable with that. People to keep that in mind before writing comments, if any.
And yeah! sorry for so many smileys but that incident was so much fun that could not resist adding smileys to it. Sometimes some situations could get so funny [:)]

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