Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Century Scored

It is said that the most difficult time to bat is when you are at 99. Every batsmen strive to get that extra run. Even the feeling of scoring that single off the next ball is enough to keep you on the toes. The Feeling, The Excitement, The Pleasure on reaching the third digit number is unexplainable - You have got to feel it.

Well with that background, I feel extremely delighted to announce that

It has been a long time and frankly I never realised that I could reach the 100 post mark so fast. I strated this blog in April or May of 2005 but became active only in April of 2007. Last 14 months have seen me writing all kind of arbit stuff over here.. At times I made some sense.. at times it was all senseless.

Just to take you through the timeline once:
April 2005:
Created login and posted a "Coming Soon" post

September 2005:

First Post - An interesting article "God and Me"

April 2007:

First self written Post - written out of sheer frustration on 20th April while waiting for CAT results

April 2007:

Used this space to vent out my frustration

May 2007:

Moved on to better topics (with Zoo and Awesome Pathetic being my favourites) :P

July 2007:

"June mein hum Joka aaye" - IIM Calcutta, MBA added to the topics

August 2007:

was nostalgic for various unknown reasons!!

September 2007:

Arbitgiri, Gyaan started pouring in on the blog. Movies, Cricket and a lot more.

October 2007 - December 2007:
Movies got into mainstream.
Foundation of Cinema Garage.
Major aesthetic changes. [:-)]

Wrote the all time hit post "Enlightenment by Prof. Sunil Handa"

January 2008:
New Year arrived and Gyaan poured in like anything

February - June 2008:

Busy with Summer Internship.. could not write anything despite of having a lot to write

July 2008:

Marked the comeback with this being the 7th post and another 2 on hold!

Wow! These numbers looks really good
14 months
100 Posts (including 15 Private posts)
5600+ Page views
2800+ visitors
260+ hours of Total Page viewing!

Approx. pageviews per day = 5620/420 = 13.38
Average Pageviews per post = 5620/88 = 63.86

And as you might be aware of- I never publicised the link through any channels! Whooa.. wondering what would have been the case had I promoted it ever.. :)

Thanks to all the readers for visiting Abhi's Space.

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