Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Congrats to me

I am surprised!

I was just browsing through the navigation of visitors on this blog and to my surprise there were repeated visits with Google search on "Sunil Handa", "Mahesh Murthy" and "Duniya ka naara". Apparently the post on Sunil Handa's visit to IIM Calcutta also happens to be the most popular post on the blog. While I was still wondering about the reasons and all, a Google search on "Sunil Handa" revealed the secret.
Try it yourself. Go to Type Sunil Handa (with quotes or without quotes) and hit Search button.
Do a similar exercise for "Duniya ka naara" and "Mahesh Murthy" and see the results.
Abhi's Space is the FIRST result on Google Web Search for Sunil Handa and Duniya ka naara while it appeared on second page for search string Mahesh Murthy. (See attached screenshots)

Not to forget the FIRST page(and first result) appearances for various search strings on Google Blog Search, which apparently looks insignificant compared to this current finding. Other prominent visits through Google search come from search strings related to CAT GD-PI preparation (where again Google Web search honours me by keeping the blog on first page)

SS1: Web Search result for "Sunil Handa"

SS2: Google Web search result for "Duniya ka naara"

SS3: Google Web search result for "Mahesh Murthy"

Of these three, the fact that Abhi's Space is first result on searching Duniya ka naara excites me most. Reason: With a large number of websites dedicated to Bollywood movies (including professional websites for Music reviews, Music downloads, Movie reviews etc. and not to forget Youtube), it was beyond my imagination to have thought of a result ranking above them. Realty is larger than Imagination here. I am impressed!


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AbhiTaneja said...

I assume that last comment is just a spam! In case it is not, I would like to hear from you to understand what you meant by that.

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