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Sports diary- Sunday Jun 6,2008

Green is not always Grass..It can be clay!

OK I know that is a stupid statement but this is what can be said after the 4hr 25min long battle between the two greats of present time - Roger Federer (Champion on Grass & ATP Rank 1) v/s Rafael Nadal (Champion on Clay ATP Rank2). There was hardly anything more to expect of the Wimbledon final when the stage was set for match between the two champions but then the match showed why exactly was this an ideal stage for the Wimbledon final.
With both these players on the court, it was never easy to chose a winner. People supported one over other for sheer favouritism and then there were people like me, who had to take a random pick to chose the player to support. Most of the choices were made randomly.
Looking at the relatively poor show by Feddie in first two sets, I decided to be on Rafa's side for this match and finally he proved me right.

After having lost first two sets, it was getting really tough for Feddie to make a comeback but then he is known to be a fighter and it seems rain interruption also helped him get his rhythm back. Feddie came back strongly after the rains and it was a tough fight between the two legends. Feddie appeared to be in good touch but Nadal showed good resistance and the third set went into a tie-breaker. Feddie came back strongly and won the tie-breaker at 5. Fourth set was no different- Feddie broke Rafa's service in the very next game after Rafa broke his and this set also moved into a tie-breaker. Feddie again clinched the tie-breaker making the game to move into fifth set. The scores were- 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6.
The game doesnt get better than this- The two players were neck to neck in the fifth set, with no one able to break other person's serve. All they needed was to break other's serve once and save his next one. There were no signs of either of two giving up before Rafa broke Feddie in 15th game of 5th set indicating some prospects of game ending soon.

Anyways I am bored of writing this stuff.. I dont know why the hell I am writing this but anyways, the game was definitely interesting and deserved a post on My Space (but this boring! I did not anticipate that)

Also not to forget, Ferrari drivers disappointed in British GP while Indian cricketers repeated the history by failing in the final after putting a good show in league matches.

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