Thursday, July 03, 2008

They proved me wrong

Just a few days back, I thought it was almost over. I was almost free but then they again proved me wrong!

I do not know in detail about a lot of companies but I feel there are not many companies as poorly managed as Lenovo India - a company where people at senior levels back off their words without any signs of shame - where ethics is just another fancy word to be used in some of the company meetings for junior staff - where the idea of selling is just to get the client hooked once and then he may regret that for years. Now I am writing all this based on my experience with the company. The company may object to this content on grounds of defaming them but this is all what I can say after having seen their attitude in last few days/weeks.

The laptop delivery (for IIM Bulk deal) scheduled in third week of June has not yet been made and there are hardly any signs suggesting that to happen in next few days. Regarding the status of shipment, one could draw an analogy to Indian Railways. Every day it got delayed by further two days and the current date I have been informed is still six days away. Mind you the original mutually agreed date of delivery has passed 12 days back! Also to note that the order was placed 40 days (~6weeks back)

I dont remember having been in so much pressure and tension in a while. Although last few days at summer internship were also trying but still these few days have been much more pain. And the worst part is that there is nothing much I can do!

Anyways this post has helped me vent out some of that frustration and hopefully I can manage to read the case for tomorrow's class now.

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