Friday, July 04, 2008

Thodi Game-Theory Thoda Magic (2008)

Oh My Goodness!
Now what the hell is this?

Even after having seen one of these movies, I had no clue that these were two different movies altogether. I saw the name different at two places and neglected that for a possible typo but after having seen the movie and when I could not find any of the songs, I was confused. A basic search on Google revealed something that made me jump out of my chair!!

Jun 27, 2008 - Two new movies were released.
One from Yash Raj Films - Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (TPTM)
and the other one from director Anand Rai - Thodi Life Thoda Magic (TLTM)

Should I call this a case of game theory in practice?
Consider the scenario: Two directors have decided upon the name of their movies as TPTM and TLTM and conflict regarding who came up with the name could not be resolved. Now the next issue in context is obviously the advertisements, promotions and the release date of the movie.

YRF being the bigger banner could get a larger share in the media and the other group did not contest it much (Not a dominant strategy for unknown banner to spend high on advertisements). So the more important factor here comes out to be release date.

Consider the case when Movie 1 comes before Movie 2. The name of these movies is so much similar that the second movie would be lost in the identity of the first one. If the first one is a success, it could draw some public or alternatively could lose market since people might confuse it for the first one, which they have already seen. On the other hand, if the first one is a flop, then there would be hardly any public knowing about the second one and it would pay for the sins of other one. So the payoff matrix if we see comes out to be negative if you move late, positive if you move first and unpredictable if you move along.
As a result, both the players would try to move before the other player but since it is like a game of simultaneous move where all the information is shared between the two players, second player would know as soon as first player tries to release it. This would lead to a further early move from the second player.

Clearly the dominant strategy for both the players comes when they move along, i.e. release the movie together, which is exactly what they did to avoid heavy negative payoffs involved with late release.

How much did it pay for each of the players and what is the effect of others performance on each movie would be known only by the end of this week or may be by the next week but in any case, it is really confusing and misguiding for the moviegoers. Moviegoers will have tough time in deciding which of the magic they want to see - Life or Love is the choice!

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