Monday, October 05, 2009

Worth it!

I found the post worth copying as well. Worth it!


[ Copied without modifications from Femme Fatale ]

There’s a day when you realize it is all worth it.

You awake from the dark, dreary shadows of doubt to realize that this life is beautiful and breathtakingly worth it. All of it.

Every single second. minute. hour. day. week. month. year.

Every single friendship. relationship. goodbye. distance. hello. love.

Every single tear. binge. escape. reaction. suppression. smile. regression.

Every single memory. story. joke. trial. mistake. tribulation. lesson.

It doesn’t come in the form a person, place, or idea. Rather, an elemental eclipse that shakes the soul. An instantaneous shutter that shoots beams of light deep into the pits of the heart. Violet. Navy. Amber. Ivory.

Beams of purpose radiating from the mind. finger tips. ears. stomach. eyes. heart.

A purpose is all you’ve been searching for…and one day it just appears.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Zoozoo story

Since the time Vodafone launched their new advertisements featuring Zoozoo, there has been a lot o discussion whether this series of advertisements is going to help Vodafone in any way or not. People have been giving their opinion about this and as expected, some are finicky about the concept. However, I would like to take you a step back and would like you to analyse the competition space in which Vodafone is operating.

Telecom companies in India are competing merely on the positioning and in very few cases, the quality of service (otherwise the services offered and the quality of these services is more or less comparable amongst all the major players including Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance and Idea). In such a scenario, the marketing function boils down to commanding highest mind space in customers and to create an image of the brand which in some way differentiates the brand from the competitor brands (Please remember that each brand might stand for different things despite offering similar services).

An analogy of this phenomenon could be drawn from the well known and well experienced Cola-war. Pepsi and Coca cola spent big fortunes of money for years, trying to sell more of their products where they used a range of concepts ranging from “asking for more” to “associations with cricket” to “synonymous to 5” to “drink of celebration” and many more but were any of these really related to the product? None. The whole concept was just to create an aura around the brand and make any secondary associations to provide some secondary motivations to the public to buy the product.

Now coming back to the telecom story, the current scenario is not pretty much different with each company having equally good infrastructure to provide wide uninterrupted reach and high quality services. Clearly in this market, these telcos have no other option but to take the tested route taken by cola companies. As a result, the Airtel advertisements suggesting uninterrupted connectivity and customizable offers, Aircel advertisements of Pocket Internet, Idea advertisements featuring Abhishek Bachchan and Mumbai Indians, Reliance advertisements featuring Hrithik Roshan and Vodafone’s zoozoos offer the same services to the consumers in different platters.

Basically the concept Vodafone wants you to drive home is the high tech image of Vodafone and by that they would like you to deduce their high capability to provide the services in a more efficient way. Frankly I don’t know how much of that is really getting communicated but Zoozoo have enabled them a higher mind space and higher media coverage for sure. This is  a real big transition from the cute Hutch dog and was required for Vodafone to get out of the Hutch frame and create a different place for Vodafone in the minds of the consumer.

How much of this phenomenon will result in higher sales for Vodafone is still questionable but considering the fact that a higher mind space and a distinctive positioning should eventually convert some prospective into customers, I am not very skeptical over the success of these advertisements.

PS: This post was supposed to be posted over a month back but due to various reasons, it could not happen. Although late in terms of timing but I suppose fresh in terms of interpretations and ideas. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Politics: See the big picture

An alternative title of this post could have been 
"The poor state of politics & The politics of poor state"

Dear friends, 
Here I am talking about the poor state of politics in the poor state of Uttar Pradesh. I was told that once upon a time UP used to be amongst the envied states for it being rich in resources and hence providing better prospects for business in the area. However, the situation as of now looks just the reverse.

Doesnt matter whether you agree or not but UP is one of the poorest states in the country, has among the worst law and order situation, ranks very high in corruption and strongly infected by regionalism and casteism. Ever since I recall, the state politics has always revolved around caste and nothing else. 

Politics = Casteism - Devlopment

Mulayam Singh asking Yadav votes, Mayawati scheduled caste votes and BJP Hindu votes. Congress could not find any places in the voter market with its dubious targetings and always fail to create any impact. All the political parties, no matter whether BJP, Congress, BSP or SP, have always focussed hard on these caste vote banks and barely make any attempts to keep development of the state / nation as their political agenda. Well actually if you belong to UP or have seen UP politics closely, development of the area means building new roads. I remember one of my acquaintances (educationally, socially well-qualified) making a comment around the previous elections, "This time it is almost sure XXXX will win from Agra. See, he has worked really hard. The roads are in good shape. That road from AAAA to BBBB is also new (The road he talked about connects his home to his workplace)". I am not denying the importance of building roads and infrastructure rather I consider it a very important parameter for future growth but this for sure cannot be the only development we talk about.

Think beyond your society, Think National

Another important point to think about in case of elections is about the national stability and overall national growth rather than just focussing over the local ( and is the case, local residential area's growth). I cannot forget the conversation I had with a friend of mine while having a haircut some 6-7 years back. He happened to be a hardcore XXXX fan (probably his family's impact) and so he talked in detail about the local candidate for the XXXX, which happens to be a regional party. My question to him was: "Do you want YYYY (head of party XXXX) to be the prime minister of India? Do you agree with his policies for the state / nation?" and he was so confused since he never thought about that. All he thought (family's influence) was that so and so person from XXXX is standing from Agra and he should win. That's all he knew.
Clearly this person is not a standalone example but the state is more or less same for majority of the voters here.

Focus on policies

As I already mentioned above, very often we just look at the local candidate and caste our vote accordingly but what is far more important is to look at the nation-building policies of the Government-in-making. It is crucial to look where the nation is leading with the new Government. See it is more like a corporate, Company's growth ensures employee's growth (Here, Nation's growth ensuring your state's / city's growth). I agree that the growth might not be equal for all the corners of the country but you have to realise the fact that it is practically impossible to make everyone grow at the same pace. Even in a company not everyone gets the same raise!! Having lived in Kolkata for about 2 years, I can say one thing for sure that the idea of everyone growing at the same pace is absolute crap. The result of such a policy is that you grow at the pace of the weakest participant so all the while where Dhirubhai could have built an entire empire, we make sure Tata doesnt get approved land for Nano.

Learn from past

It is a widely acknowledged fact that our politicians make false promises before election only to speak the same after 5 years and hence, learning from the past activities of the parties (while they were in power) gains enormous importance. Not just about the broken committments but it is also important to look at the change (good or bad) they have brought about to the society in those 5 years. For example, talking from the personal observation and various external researches done on UP politics, it is a fact known to everyone but the EC, police and other related concerned departments that the level of corruption rises manyfold under BSP rule while law and order worsens manyfold under SP rule. I dont really want to take political sides here but the way UP situation has worsened during last 2 (rather 3) state Governments, forces me to write a few lines about the same.
Mayawati came into power and all the IAS, IPS started get trasferred to other places, not because she feared there liaisons with regional gangsters/dons/con-men but because that fetched her lakhs and crores of cash. Mulayam Singh took pledge to resolve that in the next election only to let free all his gundas to loot whatever they want. Police was obviously helpless (and probably involved) in all these acts. Ransoms and Hafta-vasooli became a thing commonplace and in open. So again Mayawati promises to resolve the situation and takes the corruption to the next level. Please do not forget the "gifts" she allegedly "demanded" on her birthday. Don't know what she has in store next!!

Understand the value of your vote. Caste your vote for the right candidate. That's all I say.

Offline 1 : The case of Gujarat
I don't know how many of you have visited the state of Gujarat but if you have you must have noted the difference. I stayed in Gujarat for over 4 years and I could not feel more secure anywhere else in the world. The law and order situation is great. There is harmony in the people. The corruption level is minimal.
I will quote you a particular instance from there. While I was in police station for the routine enquiry of my passport, DIG of police called me and my friends to talk about the law and order situation in the city. The special reason why we were called was that all of us belonged to UP and Bihar. He discussed in detail about he goes about doing his work, value of honesty, how he could maintain the law and order, the problems in UP and Bihar and actions required to tackle the problem (and also his take on the Godhra & Ahmedabad incidents but thats a different story altogether)
I am telling you very frankly I could not have been more surprised by the fact that despite such a great law and order situation, this guy was worried about how to improve it further and take it to the next level. Kudos to him.
Another instance: The off-campus hostel was about 400 meters from the back gate of the campus and we never hesitated in walking that distance no matter what time of day or night it was. But once a student was robbed off his mobile and wallet while coming back to the hostel. This was one rare incident but clearly everyone was afraid to walk that distance from now on. The matter was reported at the nearest police station and you wont believe the kind of work police did after that. Police patrol teams made frequent patrols in that area and within 5 days the robber was caught - mobile recovered, all cash recovered and all returned to the owner without an delays. No holding back cash, no holding back mobile phone. Incredible show! (especially considering UP's state of affairs)

Offline 2 : My take on certain UPA and NDA policies

First of all, let me acknowledge that the work done by NDA government for tourism is incredible. I realised it only when I was in France and could see the impact made by Incredible India and India Shining campaigns. I was told be a professor in France that these campaigns have repositioned India (for good) in the eyes of European and a lot of new business started flowing in only after this revamped image of India. 
Similarly I was deeply influenced by the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, started by NDA Government to improve literacy levels in the country. I do not know the statistics of the impact it made but on a conceptual level it appealed well to me. 
The bilateral 123 Nuclear agreement signed with US also seems to me as a promising economic booster to the country, however, I really dont know whom to give the credit for that.
Although the Agricultural loan relief and NREGS are probably 2 very successful policies but on a conceptual level I did not like either of these. NREGS, for it provides an incentive to people not to work and even the kind of work which is being done through these is a ridicule in the name of infrastructure development. Had this labour been used in some real productive work, it could have been a great scheme but the kind of work that I have seen people doing under this scheme doesnt fit anywhere around the expectation levels set by the Government. Moreover, providing unemployment benefits is probably the worst thing to have. I support Governments helping BPL but things like unemployment benefits just kills the will to work among people and that's what I hate the most. I know there will be a lot of criticism and hulla over this point but well thats just what I think.
On the other hand, NDA Government could not impress less in selecting the finance minister. Both Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh looked under-qualified to handle the responsibilities when UPA pitches P. Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh for the same post!
Similarly the alliances made with AIADMK and Ram Vilas Paswan were among the very weak points for NDA and well UPA also scored similar due to presence of Communists (who would oppose just anything good) and Lalus and Mulayams.

P.S.1 : No political biases except my belief of higher importances for national parties over regional parties i.e. national politics should rely more on BJP and Congress than any of the regional parties.
P.S.2 : Names of political parties replaced by XXXX, YYYY etc. deliberately and for obvious reasons.

Friday, March 06, 2009

The saga called IIM Calcutta

When I recall the same time of year from 2 years back, I was so nervous. I did not know whether I would be able to make it to any good B-school or not. I was so nervous. And now after 2 years, here I am a happy man after graduating (almost, officially 27 days left for convocation) from one of the most premier institute in the country. Happy to have survived all those tensions, nervousness, pressures, a hell lotta rigour and hell lotta fun.
The stay at IIM was not just a yet another experience for me- I learnt a lot from these two years of my life. I met people who are damn smart and those who are damn intelligent and those who are damn creative and those who are damn awesome!! Each individual had something or other special (No claims to superhumans though)

  • I joined IIM and I was awed by the charm of the brand IIM.
  • then I was confused by the career options staring at me ahead of IIMs
  • Then a hatred for financial sector high paying highly regarded jobs (yeah people call it investment banking) followed
  • I tried to find peace with career options but it grew more and more confusing
  • Alongside came the most rigourous (and unmentionable) time at IIM (Ref. 'Joker in a pack') and against all the odds, I liked that (and yet was scared of that)
  • Not long before I started hating yet another of IIM-C tradition (If you have been following this blog for about a year and a half, you know about it)
  • I was so filled with pessimism. Everything looked so bad.
  • Started questioning why at all do an MBA?!
  • The dilemma on career choice further strengthened with summer placements approaching.
  • Sunil Handa and Mahesh Murthy added more to that by clearing air on doors to entrepreneurship.
  • Typical suggestiong to go after money first and find out if the field interests me or not rather than going after liking only to find the love was temporary
  • ignored all those suggestions and did only what i wanted to
  • Had a big mess-up fight with superior during Summer Internship, which destroyed any chances for PPO if any
  • At the same time, experienced the true power of power and got addicted to it.
  • A changed outlook and a changed perspective to things after experiencing that power.
  • Found love in some of the Term IV courses and the career choice dilemma just disappeared.
  • Student Exchange Program (STEP) - probably one of the best things that happenend during last 2 years
  • Amazing 90 days Eurotrip experience
  • got more emotionally active than ever before and realised the great potential of emotions - also ended up becoming a better "group" guy
  • learnt a lot from my roommate in France (in the terms that he happened to be just opposite my type and ended up doing certain things much better than me) and discovered the power of randomness
  • Got a passion to get things done no matter what - and eventually ended up being the only person from IIM Calcutta to travel beyond Arctic circle ;)
  • Re-invented my happy-go-lucky character after a long time

I was awed
I hated it
I sweated out
I loved it
I admired it
I reinvented myself
I survived it
I IIM Calcutta

This post would not be complete without due credits to people who made this experience worth while - 
first, obviously my parents for their amazing support in all I did
second, Bhavesh Manglani - who provided guidance and help at all points of time, as a senior and as a friend
third, all my friends from 43/13, 44/14 and 45/15 batch
fourth, my colleagues at Johnson and Johnson where I interned 
fifth, Avik Sarkar- my roommate in France - learnt a lot from him
sixth, friends and colleagues at ESC-Toulouse - shared some good memories with some of them

and not to forget, all my foes and non-well wishers, who tried to make things worse for me all the time, giving me an opportunity to realise and reanalyse my potential and improve

Thank you everyone.
Thanks a lot.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

My crushes

On the ocassion of V-day, I took out some time (out of my busy and hectic schedule these days) to think back about the crushes I have ever had in my life.. No matter how small, how insignificant, how insane..this is just a small step to recall those instances and pay my due respect to those beautiful days (and beautiful girls) [:P]

Counting these things make no sense but still just for the sake of it..the count is 19 so far (with no success [:P])

~~~~~~~~~~~~Further details are private~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~Usual Private post disclaimers apply~~~~~~~~~

Send in you requests to read the further part of the story, however, screening would be pretty strict in this case [;)]


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slumdog and the controversies! - My take

~~Incomplete and Unedited as of now~~
~~Would be updated very soon~~

Slumdog Millionaire has already bagged so many awards internationally and has been acclaimed in every corner of the world but like any other success this one also comes with its share of controversies!

1. Use of the word Slumdog
The controversy came up due to the use of word 'Slumdog' and is pretty much justified. Why should a demeaning word like Slumdog be used to refer to people from a particular strata of society, even if they belong to the poor class living in slums (that doesn't make them dogs!). A translation in Hindi would be like "Gali ka kutta" and you dont say that to anyone you meet from lower strata of society. This is not at all acceptable in India and I believe most (if not all) foreign cultures won't bear any such derogatory remarks. Just because someone is unfortunate to live in those conditions, doesn't mean you call him names. 
As far as the description of life of a slum-dweller is concerned, I think the movie tries to project it in true light but the word "Slumdog" is uncalled for.

2. India shining or India whining
The biggest controversy of all. Does the movie reflect a true image of India? Definitely not but is the movie even attempting to do that? - Well I don't know. Yesterday itself I heard some of the sharpest minds in the country debating over the issue and discussing if this should agitate us or not! As in any controversy, the opinion was divided. Some commented, "India is my family and if anyone projects it in poor light, I cannot bear that" while others contested if the movie is even supposed to project a picture of the country at all. "All it projects is the life of a slum-dweller in India. It has nothing to do with the country image as such" I think both the groups had some valid points. The movie is not supposed to proejct the image of the country and neither does it try to do that but on the other hand, the big assumption of people in the world being rational is not true as well. You project slums of Brazil in City of God and people believe that is all Brazil is. Similar being the case with movies like Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond. 

3. Not the best Indian movie
Going to Oscar, does it mean it is the best Indian movie ever? Personally I dont see a connection but for many this is not the case. There have been hues and cries over this issue (Same comments were heard a few years back when Lagaan was nominated under foreign film category in Oscars). The arguments they propose goes like- no movie ever has gone to Oscars (with counted exceptions), not many have won any big academy prizes, none has been acclaimed so much by International audience, which this movie has got! My question to these people would be - So what exactly do you want? since none of the movies (including good ones) have received much appreciation internationally, should we just stop making movies or should we put a ban on them to appreciate any decent or good Indian movie?!! 
People must not forget two things about movies and nominations - 1) Movie watching is a personal experience. Others might not like a movie the same way as you like it.  And 2) Movies compete with contemporary movies (across countries but from the same year) to make it to the nomination list and not across years! 
Times change - Things change - Movie viewing experience changes - Movie topics change - Audience choice changes!
So it would be unfair to compare lets say Sholay or DDLJ or Deewar with Slumdog millionaire.

And by the way, why is all that jazz about comparing it with older Indian movies? SM is not an Indian movie at all. It is a movie on India (and with Indian actors) by British for Americans. 

4. Not the best of Rehman's work
The first reaction I heard to Rehman winning academy award was not a "wow!" but a "why?". The very first comment was - "why give him award for the work which is not so brilliant as his previous masterpieces were? Why didnt he get anything for RDB or Saathiya?" Again the same arguments as above apply. 
Apart from the above arguments, one more thing people should focus on here (in case of music) is that appreciating music is very different from appreciating movies. People might take long enough time to appreciate a different genre of music. For an instance, my father doesnt like Rehman music at all and I hate the "ooooonnnnnn" of Reshamiya more than anything in the world! Indian music genre is very different from popular European and American genres and hence, Indians not getting much appreciation for music there is pretty much understandable. How many of you like or have even heard any Japanese song?

5. Had it been the same if an Indian director made this movie?
Well frankly, a fair enough question and I don't think an Indian director would have been able to create such a big hype around the movie. Some of the other Indian movies which have made it to big awards could at best attract a niche audience segment. Meera Nair connected well with foreign audience while Hrishikesh Mukherjee had a huge fan following in India but none of them could match the SM hype. (Please note that I am not comparing HM's or MN's movies with SM, I am just commenting about the global buzz around the movie). This buzz, however, can be justified by the fact that the movie has an international angle to it - as already said, movie on India by British for American and also the fact that he projected only what the international audience wants to see in a movie on a developing country!

6. Role of Marketing in today's cine-world

7. What is Oscars all about?
and many more..

~to be updated very soon

Monday, January 19, 2009

Virus attack!

Last few days have been really miserable when I had to create a hell lot number of files after an unknown virus attacked my system! [:(] The virus deleted all the files created within last 20 days. It was like my Hard disk time travelled to 20 days back and hence a huge chunk of very crucial data was lost.

To give you an idea of what I lost in all this - The data includes my resumes (with campus lateral placements currently going on), various documents related to the points on the resume, more than 5 project related documents, a number of composed (but not sent) mails, a number of eurotrip related blog posts etc. etc.

So for most of these docments, I had no choice but to rework and create them again. Not an easy thing to do as most of the supporting documents are not there as well !!

Anyways if you have any idea about the virus, do leave a comment or write to me at abhi[dot]taneja[at]gmail[dot]com

Sunday, January 11, 2009

You are beautiful!

This post is my dedication to one of the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She is Nina Flink from Finland and I met her in Toulouse, France on exchange program. She also happened to have come on exchange to the same University and had opted for the same module as I had.

Please do not try to read anything between the lines - there is nothing in there. She is amazingly beautiful and incredibly cute. She is intelligent and has a great sense of humour. She used to be one of the primary motivation to attend the classes there! [:P]

You can check her pics at link

Here is my dedication to her:

And a beautiful song from 1960s (Lyrics with English translation below)

"You're Beautiful"

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was Flying high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw your face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

"Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra" (Kashmir ki Kali -1964)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunehra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ek cheez qayamat bhi hai logon se suna karte the
(There is such a thing as qayamat, I used to hear from people)
tumhein dekh ke maine mana wo theek kaha karte the
(Upon seeing you, I admitted they used to speak the truth)
hai chal mein teri zalim kuchh aisi ada ka jadoo
(There is, in your mannerism, o merciless, the wizardy of such wrath)
sau baar sambhala dil ko per hoke raha bekabu
(I protected my heart a hundred times, but it was insitently irrepressible)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

har subah kiran ki lali hai rang tere gaalon ka
(The rosiness of morning rays, is the colour of your cheeks)
har shaam ki chadar kali saya hai tere balon ka 
(The black veil in every evening is te shadow of your hair)
tu balkhati ek nadiya har mauj teri angdayi
(You are an ever flowing river, every wave is your yawn)
jo in maujon mein dooba usne hi duniya paayi
(The one who drowns in these waves, is the only one who attained joys of the world)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer for the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

main khoj mein hoon manzil ki aur manzil paas hai mere
(I am in search of destination and the destination is close to me)
mukhde se hata do anchal ho jayein duur andhere
(Move the veil from your face, for the darkness to wither)
mana ki ye jalwe kar denge mujhe deewana
(I admit that your splendour shall drive me into a frenzy)
jee bhar ke zara main dekhun andaz tera mastana
(Let me appreciate to my heart's content, your intoxicating vanity)
tareef karun kya uski jisne tumhein banaya
(What praise can I offer to the one who created you)

ye chaand sa roshan chehara, zulfon ka rang sunahra
(This glowing face like the moon, the gliding locks)
ye jheel si neeli aankhein, koi raaz hai in mein gehra
(These eyes blue like a lake, Within them lies a deep secret)
tareef karun kya us ki, jisne tumhein banaya
(what praise can I offer to the one who created you)

PS: I used Green to highlight her name because I think she liked green best and also looked best in it. [:)]

EuroTrip Index

Hello Dear Readers,
Although already very late but I am going to write about some of the incidents which happened during the 3 months stay in Europe. Following is a short list (Not really that short but likely to grow more) of such incidents. The posts would be made in back dates (on the other blog) - the dates when the incident really happened and I would be updating the hyperlinks in this post.
Paris -The Arrival 
Sarkar falling of the escalator in Paris 

Amsterdam Trip 
Sarkar and the wine bottle cork 
Sarkar running off before the show 
Missed Train # 1 
The difference was in the air - Women commoditised 

Nice Trip 
The beautiful beaches! 

Bordeaux Trip 
A dead city but a nice beach at Arcachon 

Austria Trip 
The Ice Caves 
The Turku Junta 
2 hrs to tour 

Budapest Strassbourg Italy Trip 
The train to Milan - Reserved to a non-existent seat 
2 Euros at Milan station 
The time crunch to tour 

Rome Spain Portugal Trip 
That beautiful girl (on the way Toulouse-Barcelona) 
The Aquarium 
Give up in Madrid 

Scandi Trip 
Shopping at the last moment, literally! 
Beghar in Paris! 
Missed train 
Lalla @ Paris 
The inefficient ticketing system 
IIM A junta Bergen Fjord trip 
The snow games at Myrdal 
The inefficient ticketing system again! 
The Burger King at Oslo 
The chaos at Stockholm - 1 (before reservation) 
The chaos at Stockholm - 2 (just the time to board cruise) 
Meeting with 3 IIMA and Rajat Gupta and Rajatdeep at Helsinki 
The Soumolina island 
Rovaniemi - Snow all around, -10°C Santa ki zabardasti Got frozen, almost! 
Aurora Borealis

Paris Trip 
Planning is such a bullshit - Swiss and Belgium 
Planning is such a bullshit - Eiffel top 

Swiss Trip 
The Reservation drama - It always happen in France 
Phir se dhokha! 
Kapil Barve 
Luzern trip  and the amazing Lion monument 
The Indian couple (Hotel businessman) on the way to Engelberg 
The notice at Mt. Titlis 
Fell in thigh height Ice @ -16°C at 3300m altitude! 
Fell again but this time on hard ground and the chased by a dog! 
Meeting with Gaurav and Sushi in Interlaken 
Atul Sethi 
Free night travel for the first time! 

Germany Trip 
The sweeper at Frankfurt 
Berlin (Tourist office, tours and S-Bahn) 
Almost missed another train! 
IIMA and IIML junta @ HHL Leipzig 
Who says trains in Europe are not delayed? 

Prague Trip 
The search for hostels 
Night life!  :P 
The Punjabi shopkeeper 
ABSINTHE: 2 Litres of Beer, 1 shot of Vodka and 1 shot of Absinthe 
The bartender The drunk guy and the free shot of Vodka 

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Sarkar and ek chhoti si love story 
Sarkar and beer 
PGP Office and the fines! 
Aniket - new Indian friend in Toulouse 
Yainik and his gang!


Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

This dawn of the new year has arrived with a special message. A message to Never give up. A desire to succeed. A passion for winning. And an inspiration to bring more to life!

So lets start off this year with some outstanding music from the past. The music that stands for Inspiration, Success, Life, Love and a lot more. Lets cherish the past and get ready for the future.




And finally The Love

Let the New Year bring in more success, happiness, love and life to all our lives. Amen!

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