Sunday, January 11, 2009

EuroTrip Index

Hello Dear Readers,
Although already very late but I am going to write about some of the incidents which happened during the 3 months stay in Europe. Following is a short list (Not really that short but likely to grow more) of such incidents. The posts would be made in back dates (on the other blog) - the dates when the incident really happened and I would be updating the hyperlinks in this post.
Paris -The Arrival 
Sarkar falling of the escalator in Paris 

Amsterdam Trip 
Sarkar and the wine bottle cork 
Sarkar running off before the show 
Missed Train # 1 
The difference was in the air - Women commoditised 

Nice Trip 
The beautiful beaches! 

Bordeaux Trip 
A dead city but a nice beach at Arcachon 

Austria Trip 
The Ice Caves 
The Turku Junta 
2 hrs to tour 

Budapest Strassbourg Italy Trip 
The train to Milan - Reserved to a non-existent seat 
2 Euros at Milan station 
The time crunch to tour 

Rome Spain Portugal Trip 
That beautiful girl (on the way Toulouse-Barcelona) 
The Aquarium 
Give up in Madrid 

Scandi Trip 
Shopping at the last moment, literally! 
Beghar in Paris! 
Missed train 
Lalla @ Paris 
The inefficient ticketing system 
IIM A junta Bergen Fjord trip 
The snow games at Myrdal 
The inefficient ticketing system again! 
The Burger King at Oslo 
The chaos at Stockholm - 1 (before reservation) 
The chaos at Stockholm - 2 (just the time to board cruise) 
Meeting with 3 IIMA and Rajat Gupta and Rajatdeep at Helsinki 
The Soumolina island 
Rovaniemi - Snow all around, -10°C Santa ki zabardasti Got frozen, almost! 
Aurora Borealis

Paris Trip 
Planning is such a bullshit - Swiss and Belgium 
Planning is such a bullshit - Eiffel top 

Swiss Trip 
The Reservation drama - It always happen in France 
Phir se dhokha! 
Kapil Barve 
Luzern trip  and the amazing Lion monument 
The Indian couple (Hotel businessman) on the way to Engelberg 
The notice at Mt. Titlis 
Fell in thigh height Ice @ -16°C at 3300m altitude! 
Fell again but this time on hard ground and the chased by a dog! 
Meeting with Gaurav and Sushi in Interlaken 
Atul Sethi 
Free night travel for the first time! 

Germany Trip 
The sweeper at Frankfurt 
Berlin (Tourist office, tours and S-Bahn) 
Almost missed another train! 
IIMA and IIML junta @ HHL Leipzig 
Who says trains in Europe are not delayed? 

Prague Trip 
The search for hostels 
Night life!  :P 
The Punjabi shopkeeper 
ABSINTHE: 2 Litres of Beer, 1 shot of Vodka and 1 shot of Absinthe 
The bartender The drunk guy and the free shot of Vodka 

Flink Nina 
IIMA junta 
Sarkar and ek chhoti si love story 
Sarkar and beer 
PGP Office and the fines! 
Aniket - new Indian friend in Toulouse 
Yainik and his gang!


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