Saturday, February 14, 2009

My crushes

On the ocassion of V-day, I took out some time (out of my busy and hectic schedule these days) to think back about the crushes I have ever had in my life.. No matter how small, how insignificant, how insane..this is just a small step to recall those instances and pay my due respect to those beautiful days (and beautiful girls) [:P]

Counting these things make no sense but still just for the sake of it..the count is 19 so far (with no success [:P])

~~~~~~~~~~~~Further details are private~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~Usual Private post disclaimers apply~~~~~~~~~

Send in you requests to read the further part of the story, however, screening would be pretty strict in this case [;)]



Darpan said...

Its been a pleasure following your blog.
I eagerly wait for new posts and you never disappoint me thanks for that dude.Can i go through your new post sir.

AbhiTaneja said...

@Darpan and others (who sent me a mail requesting access to the post) -

I would not be able to share this post with you for certain personal reasons. However, I can promise you to write a semi-detailed post on the same after my placements. I am very busy these days and hence finding no time to spare for blog.
~Recession blues :(

@Darpan: It helps to leave your contact details, as if it was for any other post, I could have granted you access through your mail id. Anyways it doesnt matter now, I will write the new piece and post it soon.

Darpan said...

Hey Abhi

Being in IT i know whats happening these days.When you have no office work and have to pretend that you are busy. That's were your blog comes in to picture.At least i am busy for a while.

AbhiTaneja said...

hehe.. cant really comment on that

Although true for all the industries but B-schools (MBAs) have been hit most in the current recession. Even grads from institutes like Harward and MIT are fighting hard to survive this recession. Obviously IIMs are no different!

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