Friday, March 06, 2009

The saga called IIM Calcutta

When I recall the same time of year from 2 years back, I was so nervous. I did not know whether I would be able to make it to any good B-school or not. I was so nervous. And now after 2 years, here I am a happy man after graduating (almost, officially 27 days left for convocation) from one of the most premier institute in the country. Happy to have survived all those tensions, nervousness, pressures, a hell lotta rigour and hell lotta fun.
The stay at IIM was not just a yet another experience for me- I learnt a lot from these two years of my life. I met people who are damn smart and those who are damn intelligent and those who are damn creative and those who are damn awesome!! Each individual had something or other special (No claims to superhumans though)

  • I joined IIM and I was awed by the charm of the brand IIM.
  • then I was confused by the career options staring at me ahead of IIMs
  • Then a hatred for financial sector high paying highly regarded jobs (yeah people call it investment banking) followed
  • I tried to find peace with career options but it grew more and more confusing
  • Alongside came the most rigourous (and unmentionable) time at IIM (Ref. 'Joker in a pack') and against all the odds, I liked that (and yet was scared of that)
  • Not long before I started hating yet another of IIM-C tradition (If you have been following this blog for about a year and a half, you know about it)
  • I was so filled with pessimism. Everything looked so bad.
  • Started questioning why at all do an MBA?!
  • The dilemma on career choice further strengthened with summer placements approaching.
  • Sunil Handa and Mahesh Murthy added more to that by clearing air on doors to entrepreneurship.
  • Typical suggestiong to go after money first and find out if the field interests me or not rather than going after liking only to find the love was temporary
  • ignored all those suggestions and did only what i wanted to
  • Had a big mess-up fight with superior during Summer Internship, which destroyed any chances for PPO if any
  • At the same time, experienced the true power of power and got addicted to it.
  • A changed outlook and a changed perspective to things after experiencing that power.
  • Found love in some of the Term IV courses and the career choice dilemma just disappeared.
  • Student Exchange Program (STEP) - probably one of the best things that happenend during last 2 years
  • Amazing 90 days Eurotrip experience
  • got more emotionally active than ever before and realised the great potential of emotions - also ended up becoming a better "group" guy
  • learnt a lot from my roommate in France (in the terms that he happened to be just opposite my type and ended up doing certain things much better than me) and discovered the power of randomness
  • Got a passion to get things done no matter what - and eventually ended up being the only person from IIM Calcutta to travel beyond Arctic circle ;)
  • Re-invented my happy-go-lucky character after a long time

I was awed
I hated it
I sweated out
I loved it
I admired it
I reinvented myself
I survived it
I IIM Calcutta

This post would not be complete without due credits to people who made this experience worth while - 
first, obviously my parents for their amazing support in all I did
second, Bhavesh Manglani - who provided guidance and help at all points of time, as a senior and as a friend
third, all my friends from 43/13, 44/14 and 45/15 batch
fourth, my colleagues at Johnson and Johnson where I interned 
fifth, Avik Sarkar- my roommate in France - learnt a lot from him
sixth, friends and colleagues at ESC-Toulouse - shared some good memories with some of them

and not to forget, all my foes and non-well wishers, who tried to make things worse for me all the time, giving me an opportunity to realise and reanalyse my potential and improve

Thank you everyone.
Thanks a lot.


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