Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Uncertainty prevails

Now before I write this one, let me start with a disclaimer:
1. Having not written anything in a while, I have been missing the thrill and fun I get from writing so this post is actually an act of that desperation and hence the quality of post might not really match up to the other posts in this blog.
2. The contents of this post are not 100% true and has flavours of fiction to create some interest of readers

Three years back, I knew I wanted to do an MBA. I had no idea why!, except ofcourse the money.
Two years back, I was in first year of MBA but still had no idea why I was doing it. Nevertheless, I had made up my mind that I was not going to take up a finance job.
One year back, I was almost on the verge of passing out of one of the finest B-schools in India but still had clouds of confusion surrounding the decision on my career field. Finance already being out of the scene, it was primarily between Marketing and Consulting and the final decision was left to the fate.
AND Now, almost a year into my job, I still dont know which field I want to be in. You ask me whether I want to be in SALES or not, I dont know. whether the experience in BRANDing would be any different, I still dont know. whether sales or marketing is the right field for me from a long term point of view, I definitely don't know that.

SO does that mean I havent really progressed from the stage I was in three years back? Well not really. There is indeed a difference.
Three years back I dint know anything about management careers. Two years back I had a fair amount of idea of that but dint really know my level of interest in the fields of management. One year back, I knew what I liked and what I dint but had only a theoretical understanding of the actual job profiles for the fields of management studies. And now when I know the exact work that is done in each of the job profiles (from my personal and from other's experience), I dont really know which one of the all would I like to devote a substantial amount of my life doing.

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