Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things do change!

It is funny how everything is gonna change at the same office!
Something of the sort: Kal jo apne the aaj paraye nazar aate hain..

Till yesterday I was working with the Chandigarh branch of ITC and from today onwards I will be an integral part of the Jammu branch. Both the branches sit at the same location and as would be expected, there is always a tussle between the two with regards to the information sharing, the types of discussions, the typical office politics etc. (aptly put as RG- in common B-school lingo).

My interactions in the office were typcially limited to people from Chandigarh branch with timepass discussions with Jammu junta at times. 80% of my time in the office was spent either at Nikhil Mathur's or Abhinav Tiwari's desk but look at it now. I dont really know how much of that is gonna happen now. Now my work would demand me to interact more with Prince Balwaria than anyone else and for other branch related gupshup with RK and Manan. Nikhil / Abhinav, although in the same office, probably gonna be outsiders now, as were Prince/RK/Manan till yesterday.

Doesn't matter if anyone accepts it or not but no one likes to share most of the branch related talks with someone in competing branch and that too when your boss is so particular about that competition and rather benchmark everything against the branch sitting under the same roof!

Enough chit chat.. now back to sleep

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